4 of the best types of kitchen sinks for stone worktops

You won’t want to replace a worn-out sink later down the line when your worktop still has years of life left in it. And you don’t want to ruin the overall look of your kitchen by installing a cheap sink, either!

Luckily, various types of kitchen sinks will complement your stone worktop, look fabulous in your kitchen, and withstand the demands of a busy kitchen for years. We cover four of them in this blog and look at tap and draining board options too.

But first, let’s explain some of the terminology for different types of kitchen sinks.

Different types of kitchen sinks for stone worktops

Neolith integrated sink
Caple Friska undermount ceramic sink
Blanco Solis 340/180-U top mount sink

Neolith® sinks for Neolith® sintered stone worktops

Neolith® is a high-quality brand of sintered stone. Their surfaces are made from 100% recyclable crushed natural stones, which are pressed under extreme heat and pressure to replicate how marble forms in the ground.

As well as worktops, Neolith® offer a range of four undermount sinks. They’re all available in the same colours as the worktops, so you can match your sink and worktop colour if you want to or opt for complementary colours. Either way, the sink integrates seamlessly with your Neolith® worktop to create a smooth and harmonious look.

Like Neolith® worktops, these sinks offer beauty, simplicity, and functionality. They’re scratch, bend, temperature, and water resistant and come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. There’s a small square sink, and the other models are all rectangular, in small, medium, and large sizes.

Neolith sink 400x400mm

400 x 400mm

Neolith sink 450x400mm

450 x 400mm

Neolith sink 500x400mm

500 x 400mm

Neolith sink 700x400mm

700 x 400mm

Silestone® is a premium brand of quartz worktop that also offers five sinks made from the same durable material. These sinks are seriously tough – they can handle scratches, impacts, and even water and grease without any issues.

The best part is that they come in various colours, depending on the model. So, you can match your sink with your worktop or go for a white or different colour sink to complement it.

All the sinks are under-mounted, which means they seamlessly blend into your kitchen, giving it a sleek and tidy appearance. Plus, they come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can trust that your sink will stay beautiful and perform perfectly for many years.

White Silestone kitchen worktop with matching Silestone Integrity sink
Silestone Integrity One sink in white

Integrity One

Silestone Integrity Q sink in white

Integrity Q

Silestone Integrity Due sink in white

Integrity Due L

Silestone Integrity Due S sink in white

Integrity Due S

Silestone Integrity Due XL sink in white

Integrity Due XL

Blanco sinks for stone worktops

Blanco describes their sinks as distinctive, elegant, authentic, functional, and long-lasting. And we agree they are! They’re made from hardwearing, premium-quality materials that complement any of our stone worktop brands. And they’ll also stand the test of time – just like our worktops.

We supply and fit seven of the best types of kitchen sinks from Blanco. Offering undermount and top-mount options in satin steel, ceramic white gloss, brushed steel, and a range of silgranit colours (black, anthracite, rock grey, alumetallic, white, Tartufo, coffee, volcano grey and soft white).

Black kitchen worktop with a satin steel undermount Blanco Andano sink
Blanco Subline sink in anthracite

– anthracite

double – white

– white

Blanco Andano 340/180-U sink in stainless steel

ANDANO 340/180-U
– stainless steel

Blanco Classic 40 S sink in stainless steel

– stainless steel

Blanco Panor sink in ceramic white

– ceramic white

Blanco Solis 340/180-U sink in brushed steel

SOLIS 340/180U
– brushed steel

Caple sinks for stone worktops

Caple is a brand well-known for being innovative, reliable, and superb value for money. They make kitchens, appliances, sinks and taps.

We supply and fit nine sinks from the Caple range, with undermount and top mount options in white ceramic, black-steel and stainless-steel materials.

All products come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended if you wish.

White kitchen worktop with a black steel Caple undermount kitchen sink
Caple Ettra 600 white ceramic kitchen sink

Ettra 600
– ceramic

Caple Mode 3145 black steel kitchen sink

Mode 3145
– gunmetal

Caple Zero 55 stainless steel kitchen sink

Zero 55
– stainless steel

Cheshire 700
– ceramic

Integrated draining

Some top-mount sinks come with a built-in draining board. But what are your options for an integrated or undermount sink?

Well, if you’re installing a stone worktop, the perfect solution is to have a recessed drainer or drainer grooves cut from your worktop’s surface. As there’s no lip on the sink, the slightly sloped grooves or recess allow water to flow directly into the bowl. And because they’re the same colour and material as your worktop, they blend seamlessly into the kitchen, providing a sleek and harmonious look.

White kitchen worktop with an integrated sink and drainer grooves

Blanco and Caple kitchen taps for stone worktops

Your kitchen tap is one of the final finishing touches that can make your kitchen stunning.

We supply and install a range of taps from Blanco and Caple to match the sink colours. But they can be paired with Silestone® Integrity and Neolith® sinks and worktops too, as well as any of our other stone worktop ranges.

Caple Joya dual lever kitchen tap in gold
Blanco Evol-S pro hot kitchen tap in brushed stainless steel

Blanco Evol-S
pro hot – brushed stainless steel

Blanco Candor Twin kitchen tap in brushed stainless steel

Blanco Candor Twin
– brushed stainless steel

Blanco Linus S-Vario kitchen tap in galvanic chrome

Blanco Linus S-Vario
– galvanic chrome

Blanco Max II kitchen tap in PVD steel

Blanco Max II
– PVD steel

Caple Avel dual lever tap in black steel

Caple Avel dual lever
– black steel

Caple Vapos 2 3-in-1 hot water tap in gunmetal

Caple Vapos 2 3-in-1
hot water – gunmetal

Caple Aspen pull-out

Caple Aspen pull-out tap – stainless steel

Caple Harlo Puriti
filter tap – copper

Sinks, taps and drainers installed with stone worktops

When you’re looking for the best type of kitchen sink for your kitchen, you’ve got plenty of options to match your style. Whether you’re into the seamless elegance of an integrated sink, the sleek lines of an undermount sink, or the versatility of a top mount sink, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget the taps and draining options. These little details can elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

Here at SEH Interiors, we’ve got you covered. We supply a wide range of worktop, sink, and tap options and take care of the installation process. It’s all about making things convenient for you. Plus, with our expertise, you can trust that the result will be nothing short of flawless.

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