Brown kitchen with grey Corian® worktop colours in Carrara Lino

Corian® worktop colours: New colours inspired by nature

If you’re in search of new Corian® colours, you’re likely aware of the incredible qualities of this acrylic worktop material. Its non-porous surface is resistant to scratches and impacts, making it durable, repairable, and easy to clean – a perfect fit for everyday life. Beyond its practicality, Corian® is renowned for its stunning beauty, featuring seamless joins that add sleekness and style to any kitchen.

While there’s already an extensive range of Corian® worktop colours, we’re excited to present the latest fresh and innovative additions.

The new collection showcases eight nature-inspired colours, all boasting a polished finish. Six are suitable for kitchens, while the other two work best in bathrooms. The kitchen colours are not limited to worktops alone; they can also be used for splashbacks and upstands, ensuring a harmonious blend throughout your space.

Below, we delve into the captivating new Corian® collection, where breathtaking colours unite beauty and technology in perfect harmony.

Artista Canvas

Kitchen island with ivory Corian® worktop in Artista Canvas

Artista Canvas is an understated yet captivating colour with a comforting, warm ivory surface. It features swirling veins set among scattered, light-coloured particles. This sophisticated hue exudes a soothing ambience that will transform your kitchen into a haven of warmth and beauty.

Artista Grey

White kitchen island with Corian® worktop colours in Artista Grey

Artista Grey is a sophisticated colour that mesmerises with its swirling movement. Delicately mingling white and tan elements, this blend offers a subtle yet dynamic design. With its captivating beauty, Artista Grey adds a touch of timeless elegance to your kitchen.

Artista Beige

Bathroom with Corian® worktop colours in Artista Beige

Artista Beige is an exquisite colour that’s suited to bathrooms rather than kitchens. Its complex, warm colour is enhanced with subtle tones and shades of beige, offering the perfect balance between classic elegance and a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Artista Dust

Bathroom with Corian® worktop colours in Artista Dust

Artista Dust is a new Corian® colour suitable for bathrooms. It has a dusky background with dark grey, monochrome elements that swirl gracefully, creating a versatile aesthetic to suit any design style.

Carrara Crema

White kitchen with Corian® worktops in Carrara Crema

Carrara Crema is a timeless worktop colour. Its warm beige background harmonises with monochromatic veins to mimic the comforting hues of classic stone. With its alluring blend of elegance and tranquillity, Carrara Crema transforms your kitchen into a beautiful sanctuary.

Carrara Lino

Brown kitchen with grey Corian® worktop colours in Carrara Lino

Carrara Lino is a stunning worktop colour that embodies the essence of classic stone. Its cool white surface is adorned with beautiful grey veins, coursing through the surface with grace and elegance. This colour catches the eye, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Sand Storm

White kitchen with white and tan worktops in new Corian® colours, Sand Storm

Sand Storm is a dynamic worktop colour that mingles white and tan elements in a mesmerising swirling movement. It creates a subtle yet visually captivating aesthetic that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Sparkling Granita

White kitchen with white Corian® worktops in Sparkling Granita

Sparkling Granita radiates energy and visual depth with its fresh white surface adorned with translucent and sparkling particles. This colour will transform your environment into a sanctuary where light dances off the surface and energy thrives.

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