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Kitchen worktops aren’t just functional slabs to chop your veg on, although their practicality is hugely important. They’re also the focal point that brings your whole kitchen together and they make a significant impact on the way it looks. So, choosing the right one is an important decision.

We’re here to help you with that decision.

We offer made to measure worktops in a huge range of colours, textures and styles. There’s a choice of four materials to choose from: sintered stone, quartz, acrylic and natural stone.

Premium worktops just got cheaper

Sintered stone worktops

A beautiful, practical and affordable alternative to natural granite and marble

Sintered stone worktops are made of 100% natural minerals. They’re put through a process of extreme heat and pressure that replicates the natural formation of marble in the earth’s crust. The materials are then pressed together without the need for resins or bonding.

The result is an extremely strong and non-porous high-quality worktop that withstands extreme temperatures, scratches and stains.

atlas PLAN Worktops
atlas PLAN Worktops

Atlas Plan is a high-performance ceramic surface available in large-sized slabs for a seamless look. Available in stone, marble, concrete and metal effects in over 40 colours and 7 finishes.

Caesarstone Porcelain Worktops
Caesarstone Porcelain

Caesarstone® Porcelain by Caesarstone is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the busiest of kitchen environments. Available in a concrete, honed, natural, polished, rough concrete or ultra-rough finish, and over 20 colours.

CRL Ceralsio Ceramic Surfaces
CRL Ceralsio Ceramic Surfaces

Ceralsio® by CRL Stone is a ceramic stone surface built for the demands of modern-day living. Available in a natural, polished, satin or textured finish, and over 20 colours.

Dekton® Worktops

Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultra-compact surface made of porcelain, glass and quartz, Available in a polished, smooth matte, textured matte or velvet finish, and over 60 colours.

Neolith® Worktops

Neolith® by Neolith is a compact surface made of recyclable crushed stone. Available in a satin, silk, polished or river-washed finish, and over 50 colours.

SEH Sintered Stone

SEH Sintered Stone is our very own competitively priced sintered stone brand made from natural minerals. Available in a polished or matt finish and 8 stone effect finishes.

XTONE Worktops

XTONE by Porcelanosa is a sintered compact surface made from the purest natural minerals. Available in a nature, polished or silk finish, and over 20 colours.

Quartz worktops

A natural mineral and resin worktop that’s hard and resilient

Chosen for its durability, quartz is a natural mineral that’s been used in worktops for decades. The mineral is ground down, fused with resin and treated with intense pressure and heat to form a beautiful quartz slab. The result is a stunning made to measure worktop with a uniform pattern throughout the slab. It’s maintenance-free and stain-resistant.

Looking for an environmentally friendly worktop?
Choose Silestone® with HybriQ+ technology. This eco-friendly worktop range contains at least 20% recycled materials. And it’s made through a manufacturing process completely fuelled by renewable energy and recycled water.

Caesarstone worktop
Caesarstone® by Caesarstone

Caesarstone® by Caesarstone is made from 93% quartz. Available in a polished, matt or concrete finish, and over 50 colours.

Compac Worktops

Compac by Compac is a technological quartz made from between 93–95% pure quartz. Available in a polished or glacé finish, and over 30 colours.

CRL Quartz Surfaces
CRL Quartz Surfaces

CRL Quartz® by CRL Stone is made from 93% quartz. Available in a polished or honed finish, and over 50 colours.


Fugen high end kitchen worktop
Fugen Worksurfaces

Fugen™ by Fugen Stone is made from more than 93% quartz. Available in a polished finish, in over 30 colours.

SEH Interiors Quartz

SEH Quartz is our own competitively priced quartz brand made from 93% quartz minerals. Available in a polished or matt finish and over 20 colours.

Cosentino Silestone high end kitchen worktop
Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino is made from more than 93% quartz. Available in a polished, suede or volcano finish, and over 40 colours.

Technistone Worktop

TechniStone® is made from high-quality natural granite, quartz and glass. Available in polished, matt and terra finishes, and over 40 colours.

Acrylic worktops

Durable worktops with seamless joins

Acrylic worktops are solid surfaces made from acrylic, pure natural minerals and a reinforcing plastic resin. These high-quality materials are manufactured in a way that forms a strong and resilient slab.

The result is a worktop that can stand up to whatever life throws at it. And it’s the only worktop material that can be formed into any shape with inconspicuous joins.

Corian Design

Corian® by DuPont is the world leader in acrylic solid surfaces.  There are over 90 colours available, from solid whites to stone effects.


Durasein® provides a budget-friendly alternative to Corian®.
There are around 30 kitchen-friendly colours in the range to choose from.

Hanex acrylic kitchen worktop in Venato Marble Sparkle
Hanex UK

Hanex® is a popular alternative to Corian®. There are over 60 colours available, including solid colours and natural stone effects.



HI-MACS® is a quality acrylic worktop with all the attributes of Corian®.
It’s available in over 80 colours and has a range of designs that look like quartz.

Porcelanosa-Krion™ Worktop Pillow Pink

Krion™ is an innovative acrylic solid surface created by the Porcelanosa Group. There are over 100 colours to choose from.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Staron® is a cost-effective acrylic worktop brand that offers excellent value for money. Styles range from natural patterns to solid vivid colours.

Tristone Worktops
Solid Surface Tristone Worktops

Tristone™ is our most competitively priced acrylic worktop range. There are over 40 colours available, including many that mimic Corian® colours.

Natural Stone worktops

Unique stone worktops that are extremely hard and durable

Natural stone is made under the earth’s surface over millions of years from compressed molten rock. It’s dug up in large blocks, then cut and polished to produce worktops. And the best thing about natural stone is that every piece is unique.

Natural stone worktops vary in their resilience, depending on the type of stone. But we’ve handpicked two stones known for their durability.

Scalea kitchen worktop in Copia.

The Scalea range by Cosentino consists of granite, quartzite, marble, travertine and limestone worktops. Available in over 80 colours and 5 finishes.


Sensa Granite Kitchen Worktop

Sensa Granite by Cosentino has an added sealant for superior stain protection. Available in 16 colours with a polished finish.

Not sure which worktop range to choose?

Use our worktop comparison guide to help you decide.