Worktop finishing touches

Worktop options to complete your kitchen transformation

Our worktops bring you endless design possibilities. You get a vast range of colours to choose from, and they also allow so much design flexibility. And these finishing touches will make any kitchen both beautiful and practical.

Kitchen worktop showing integrated sink for finishing touches

Sinks and taps

Choosing the right sink to go with your worktop is just as important as selecting the worktop itself! There’s a huge range to choose from. Whether you want a standalone sink to make a statement, an integrated sink to blend discreetly into your worktop, or a sink that matches your worktop colour, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget the taps to finish off the look.

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Kitchen showing drainer grooves as a worktop option

Integrated drainers

Integrated drainers are the perfect partner for integrated sinks. They’re carved into the worktop’s surface, allowing water to flow directly into the sink. Choose between drainer grooves or a recessed drainer.

Kitchen showing upstands as a worktop design option


Upstands create a neat join between your worktop and kitchen wall, softening the room’s overall look and creating a seamless finish. Match your upstand colour to your worktop or choose a colour that complements it instead.

Kitchen showing splashbacks as finishing touches


Splashbacks not only protect your walls from food and liquid splashes, but they also add a touch of flair to your kitchen. You can match your splashback to your worktop or choose a colour that complements it instead.

Kitchen showing pop-up sockets as a worktop option

Pop-up sockets

We supply and install S-Box™ pop-up sockets with your choice of worktop. They’re fitted underneath the worktop surface, typically on a kitchen island where you can’t use wall sockets. They pop up when you need them and down when you don’t.

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Kitchen showing LED lights as a worktop design option

LED lights

LED lights are a must if you love entertaining friends in your kitchen in the evening. They can be embedded into the edge of any of our worktops, providing extra light and ambience to your room.

These worktop options are available with any of our worktop brands

We have a huge range of premium-quality sintered stone, quartz, acrylic and natural stone worktops in various colours and designs. You can have any of the finishing touches above to complement your worktop, no matter which brand you choose. Just let us know your worktop options when you order. Then, everything is custom-made and installed through our fast and flexible installation service.

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