Quartz worktops

A natural mineral and resin worktop that’s hard and resilient

Transform your kitchen with quartz worktops, where beauty meets resilience in every slab. Crafted from natural quartz, the minerals are ground down and fused with resin under intense heat and pressure to form a worktop that boasts durability and stunning aesthetics.

What makes quartz worktops ideal for modern kitchens are their benefits: scratch and stain resistance paired with easy cleaning and maintenance. Certain brands, like CRL Quartz® offer additional advantages such as UV resistance, while others are also impact resistant.

Here at SEH Interiors, we offer 7 premium brands of quartz worktops. Despite minor differences in their benefits, all our brands have a minimum of 93% quartz content that guarantees exceptional performance. So, you can choose your perfect quartz worktop based on your colour preference and budget, safe in the knowledge that, whichever brand it is, your worktop will withstand the rigors of daily use.

Explore our collection today to discover the beauty of quartz.

Choose Silestone® with HybriQ+ technology. This eco-friendly worktop range contains at least 20% recycled materials. And it’s made through a manufacturing process completely fuelled by renewable energy and recycled water.

Caesarstone worktop
Caesarstone® by Caesarstone

Caesarstone® by Caesarstone is made from 93% quartz. Available in a polished, matt or concrete finish, and over 50 colours.

Compac Worktops

Compac by Compac is a technological quartz made from between 93–95% pure quartz. Available in a polished or glacé finish, and over 30 colours.

CRL Quartz Surfaces
CRL Quartz Surfaces

CRL Quartz® by CRL Stone is made from 93% quartz. Available in a polished or honed finish, and over 50 colours.


Fugen high end kitchen worktop
Fugen Worksurfaces

Fugen™ by Fugen Stone is made from more than 93% quartz. Available in a polished finish, in over 30 colours.

SEH Interiors Quartz

SEH Quartz is our own competitively priced quartz brand made from 93% quartz minerals. Available in a polished or matt finish and over 20 colours.

Cosentino Silestone high end kitchen worktop
Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino is made from more than 93% quartz. Available in a polished, suede or volcano finish, and over 40 colours.

Technistone Worktop

TechniStone® is made from high-quality natural granite, quartz and glass. Available in polished, matt and terra finishes, and over 40 colours.

Not sure which worktop range to choose?

Use our worktop comparison guide to help you decide.

Looking for a different worktop material?

We hope you’ll find a worktop you love from the huge range above, but if you’d like to explore other materials, we can help. We also supply and install sintered stone, acrylic and natural stone worktops.