Natural Stone worktops

Unique stone worktops that are extremely hard and durable

Natural stone is made under the earth’s surface over millions of years from compressed molten rock. It’s dug up in large blocks, then cut and polished to produce worktops. And the best thing about natural stone is that every piece is unique.

Natural stone worktops vary in their resilience, depending on the type of stone. But we’ve handpicked two stones known for their durability.

Scalea kitchen worktop in Copia.

The Scalea range by Cosentino consists of granite, quartzite, marble, travertine and limestone worktops. Available in over 80 colours and 5 finishes.


Sensa Granite Kitchen Worktop

Sensa Granite by Cosentino has an added sealant for superior stain protection. Available in 16 colours with a polished finish.

Not sure which worktop range to choose?

Use our worktop comparison guide to help you decide.

Looking for a different worktop material?

We hope you’ll find a worktop you love from the huge range above, but if you’d like to explore other materials, we can help. We also supply and install sintered stone, quartz and acrylic worktops.