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Acrylic worktops at affordable prices

Acrylic worktops

Durable worktops with seamless joins

Acrylic worktops are solid surfaces made from acrylic, pure natural minerals and a reinforcing plastic resin. These high-quality materials are manufactured in a way that forms a strong and resilient slab.

The result is a worktop that can stand up to whatever life throws at it. And it’s the only worktop material that can be formed into any shape with inconspicuous joins.

Corian Design

Corian® by DuPont is the world leader in acrylic solid surfaces.  There are over 90 colours available, from solid whites to stone effects.


Durasein® provides a budget-friendly alternative to Corian®.
There are around 30 kitchen-friendly colours in the range to choose from.

Hanex acrylic kitchen worktop in Venato Marble Sparkle
Hanex UK

Hanex® is a popular alternative to Corian®. There are over 60 colours available, including solid colours and natural stone effects.



HI-MACS® is a quality acrylic worktop with all the attributes of Corian®.
It’s available in over 80 colours and has a range of designs that look like quartz.

Porcelanosa-Krion™ Worktop Pillow Pink

Krion™ is an innovative acrylic solid surface created by the Porcelanosa Group. There are over 100 colours to choose from.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Staron® is a cost-effective acrylic worktop brand that offers excellent value for money. Styles range from natural patterns to solid vivid colours.

Tristone Worktops
Solid Surface Tristone Worktops

Tristone™ is our most competitively priced acrylic worktop range. There are over 40 colours available, including many that mimic Corian® colours.

Not sure which worktop range to choose?

Use our worktop comparison guide to help you decide.

Looking for a different worktop material?

We hope you’ll find a worktop you love from the huge range above, but if you’d like to explore other materials, we can help. We also supply and install sintered stone, quartz and natural stone worktops.