Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more about our worktops or service before you buy, check out the FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

Which worktop material is best for me?

Choosing a worktop material that suits you really comes down to several factors, such as your budget, lifestyle and style preferences. We choose to offer premium brands of sintered stone, quartz, acrylic and natural stone worktops due to their excellent quality, high resistance to wear and tear and beautiful aesthetics. So, we’re confident that if you choose any of these materials, you’ll have a worktop that looks like new for many years.
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Which worktops are heat resistant?

Heat resistant worktops from our range include all the sintered stone brands (Atlas Plan, Ceralsio®, Dekton®, Neolith®, Caesarstone® Porcelain, SEH Sintered Stone and Xtone®), two quartz brands (Fugen™ and CRL Quartz®), and Scalea Natural Stone. For all other worktop brands, we recommend placing hot pans and baking trays on a trivet.

How do I know when to book a templating appointment?

You can give us a call to book your templating appointment as soon as you’ve got a date for the delivery of your kitchen and appliances, plus an installation date. We’ll book a date that’s just after your kitchen base cabinets have been fitted.

Can I rearrange my templating appointment if my kitchen installation is delayed?

Yes, of course. We’re very flexible, so don’t worry if things don’t go to plan. We’ll happily change the templating date if necessary.

What do I need for the worktop template?

When we come to your home to measure up and create a template for your worktop, there are a few things we need to ensure we can complete it:
– Ensure your kitchen base units are all fixed into place
– Your sink, taps and hob need to be available for us to see and check their size
– We will have questions for you, so someone who can make decisions needs to be home
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How long after the worktop template is completed, will the installation be?

Once we’ve created the template, we’ll then manufacture your new worktop. It will be ready to install in 1-2 weeks.
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Can I make changes to my worktop after I’ve placed my order?

Yes. Orders are placed after you receive our quote, but before we make the worktop template. So, you can make any changes you like during the templating appointment. Changes could include changing the worktop colour, adding upstands, splashbacks or drainer grooves, or requesting radius edges. Once everything has been finalised, we’ll adjust your price if necessary and ask you to sign off the template and detailed worktop description. You won’t be able to make any changes after that point.

Do Dekton® worktops chip?

Dekton® is extremely tough. So, when it’s installed correctly by approved installers, it can withstand the knocks that come with normal everyday use. To find out more read our blog: Does Dekton® chip easily?
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Will I see a join in my worktop?

If you’re buying a sintered stone, quartz or natural stone worktop…
Yes, there will be visible joins in your worktop. However, using the latest technology, we’re able to keep joins to a very fine width and use colour matched glue to ensure they are as inconspicuous as possible.  The visibility of the join will also depend on the colour and pattern of the worktop you choose. Joins are least visible on solid colours. Whereas, on a veined slab, the join will be more noticeable as the veins won’t join across the two pieces of worktop.

If you’re buying an acrylic worktop…
It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see any joins in your worktop. Acrylic worktops are often described as being ‘seamless’ because they are expertly fitted together in a way that makes any joins inconspicuous. That means several pieces covering a large area look like one continuous worktop.

Why are different colour worktops different prices?

The prices simply reflect the mix of materials and the technology that goes into making each colour and pattern. Some are more complex than others and therefore cost more to make.

What’s the difference between Dekton® (sintered stone) and Quartz worktops?

Dekton® is surface printed, which means the pattern is only printed on the top side of your worktop and not on the edges. The edges will be a solid colour.
Quartz is full-bodied, which means the pattern runs throughout the depth of the worktop. So, you’ll see the design on both the top surface and edges of your worktop.

Do you cover my area as I see you’re in Leeds?

Yes. We have a network of suppliers and fitters that cover the whole of the UK.

Do you remove my existing worktop?

Unless we are changing a worktop that we originally installed, then, unfortunately, we cannot remove your old worktop. Old worktops must be removed before we visit your home to create the template.

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Do you fit my sink and hob?

If you purchase your sink from us, we’ll install it with your worktop. Unfortunately, we can’t install sinks you’ve purchased from elsewhere. We also can’t install hobs as we’re not electricians or gas engineers. However, we need to see your sink and hob to make the worktop template.

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How do I clean my worktop?

All the worktop brands we supply are easy to clean and maintain. They generally just need a wipe down with soapy water after use. You can also use mild chemicals, but care must be taken on some brands. For detailed information on each brand, read the care and maintenance guide:

Worktop care and maintenance guides:
Atlas Plan
Caesarstone® Porcelain
Caesarstone® Quartz
CRL Quartz®
SEH Quartz
SEH Sintered Stone
Scalea Natural Stone
Sensa Granite

If you have any other questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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