Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Magnate

The ultimate guide to Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops

If you’re considering Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops for your new kitchen, you’re in the right place to learn more about them.

We designed this guide to help you decide whether a Caesarstone® Porcelain countertop is right for you. It covers everything you need to know, such as how it’s made, how durable it is, the colours available, the designs you can create with it, and how to get it installed.

What are Caesarstone® Porcelain countertop slabs made of?

Caesarstone® Porcelain is a sintered stone material used for worktops and other indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s made from high-quality minerals bonded by a sintering process— where the minerals are melted and pressed together using extreme heat and pressure. The resulting surface is then attached to a reinforced fibreglass-mesh backing, making it extremely hard and durable.

Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops durability

When you choose a kitchen worktop, it’s important to check how well it can withstand the daily wear and tear a busy kitchen will throw at it. Especially if you or your family aren’t the most careful of cooks.

Let’s see how Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops perform:

If you spill ‘danger’ foods such as red wine, lemon juice or turmeric on this non-porous surface, they won’t leave a permanent mark.

This surface is perfect for sunny and outdoor kitchens because it’s resistant to UV light. So, you can install it in direct sunlight, and the colour will never fade.

Scratch, pressure and rupture-resistant
This surface has a fortified frame, making it extremely hard and incredibly resistant to scratches, rupture, and pressure.

Resistant to high temperatures
The high-heat structure of this surface means you can place hot pans and heated appliances directly on it without fear of causing damage.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean
The only thing you need to do with this porcelain countertop is to wipe it down with soapy water after use.

Durable and long-lasting
Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops are backed by a lifetime warranty, which shows just how confident Caesarstone® is in the durability of this surface.

Caesarstone® Porcelain countertop finishes and colours

The Caesarstone® range of porcelain countertops is available in various striking colour schemes, ranging from white, grey, dark, cream, and beige. Some are solid colours, and if you’d like porcelain countertops that look like marble, some have bold veins and patterns.

It also comes in six finishes: concrete, honed, natural, polished, rough concrete and ultra-rough. Not all colours come in all finishes, so always check availability if you want a particular look.

Porcelain countertop slab colours

Here are a few of our favourite colours in the range, but you can see all the Caesarstone® Porcelain colours here.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Sleet

This porcelain countertop and splashback in Sleet has an elegant and simple design. It has a creamy white background with prominent diagonal bands of white tones, graphite-grey lines and thick golden-brown streaks stretching across the surface.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Striata

This stunning porcelain countertop and splashback in Striata has a strong, earthy appearance inspired by weathered rock. It has a fossil-like ultra-rough finish with a smoky grey base and a complex structure of fine dark veins alongside more prominent lines emphasised by patina stains, rusted silt, chalk-white streaks and burnt orange.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Beige Ciment
Beige Ciment by Caesarstone Porcelain

This creamy beige porcelain countertop and splashback in Beige Ciment is reminiscent of weathered stones. It’s a natural and neutral-toned warm concrete colour with an ultra-rough finish.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and upstands in Circa
Circa by Caesarstone Porcelain

These marble-like porcelain countertops and upstands in Circa have a pure white base dominated by varying thicknesses of bold light-grey veining. It’s a sophisticated design with profound depth.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Darma
Darma by Caesarstone Porcelain

This intensely dark porcelain countertop and splashback in Darma has a black base with exceptional depth, accentuated by its honed finish.

Design options available when you choose porcelain for countertops

Porcelain is a versatile material that you can use to create some truly stunning and bespoke designs that are both beautiful and practical.

Here is a list of your design options:

Install it on any brand of kitchen cabinets
Although porcelain countertops are heavy, you don’t need to buy specialist kitchen cabinets to hold them. We can fit them on any off-the-shelf cabinet from your local DIY store or kitchen specialists.

Create curves and shapes
We can cut porcelain into any shape. So, if you want curved corner cabinets, a round sink or an unusually shaped breakfast bar, you can have them.

Install a flush-mounted hob
Flush-mounted hobs are designed to sink into a worktop, so they are flush with its surface. Not all materials are suitable for flush-mounted hobs, but porcelain is. This design is perfect for contemporary kitchens.

Install an undermount sink
Undermount sinks sit just below the worktop surface, so the sink area blends seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen. Not all worktop materials are suitable for undermount sinks, but porcelain is. You can also have drainer grooves, or a recessed drainer cut into the worktop’s surface.

Kitchen with Caesarstone Porcelain countertops and splashbacks in Impermia
This porcelain countertop in Impermia is curved at both ends to create a standout kitchen island.
Kitchen with porcelain countertops in Archetta and an undermount sink.
This countertop in Archetta incorporates an undermount sink.

Choose from two thicknesses
Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops are available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Not all colours come in both thicknesses, so always check before buying if you want a particular one.

Install handy pop-up sockets
If you want a kitchen island, pop-up sockets are essential. Caesarstone® Porcelain is a worktop material that makes this possible.

Matching upstands and splashbacks are available
Upstands and splashbacks are modern design features that are stylish and practical. Upstands are 100mm tall, and splashbacks can completely cover your wall to protect against food splashes.

Kitchen worktop with pop-up sockets
Pop-up sockets are handy on a kitchen island. They pop up when you need them and go down when you don’t.

We often get asked whether you can have a 30mm thick worktop but 20mm splashbacks or upstands. Unfortunately, you can’t because different thicknesses are manufactured in different batches, so the colours wouldn’t match.

Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops installation process

Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops are made-to-measure and installed by our team of expert fitters. The process for ordering is simple:

  • Get a quote. Get an online quote and find a Caesarstone® Porcelain colour that fits your budget. All we need to know are your kitchen dimensions.
  • Order up to four free samples. Order free worktop samples, and we’ll send them to your home so you can check the colours against the other elements of your new kitchen.
  • Place your order.
  • We’ll make a template. Our expert installers visit your home to measure up and make a template of your worktop once your base cabinets are in place. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for a worktop installation.
  • We’ll make your worktop. This takes place at our fabricator’s workshop using specialist machines.
  • We’ll fit your worktop. Our professional installers aim to install your worktop 1-2 weeks after the templating visit.

In summary

Caesarstone® Porcelain countertops are ultra-compact surfaces with exceptional durability, strength, and style. They’re available in a range of striking colour schemes and offer a massive amount of flexibility in design, allowing you to create a bespoke worktop that looks beautiful and performs perfectly for a lifetime.

SEH Interiors have over 10 years of experience supplying and fitting premium-quality kitchen worktops at affordable prices across the UK, including Caesarstone® Porcelain.

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