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The ultimate guide to Porcelanosa XTONE worktops

If you’re considering Porcelanosa XTONE for your new kitchen worktop and want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place.

We’ve pulled together this ultimate guide to help you decide whether an XTONE surface is right for you. It covers everything you need to know about XTONE… plus everything you might not have thought about!

What is Porcelanosa XTONE?

Porcelanosa XTONE is a sintered stone sheet material used for various internal and external applications. For example, it’s used for worktops, but it can also be used on floors, walls, building facades, furniture and much more.

The material is made from 100% natural minerals using a process called sintering. This involves putting the minerals under extreme heat and pressure to bond them without resins. Porcelanosa is the company that manufactures the product, and XTONE is the brand name. Porcelanosa uses a global network of fabricators and installers to get XTONE into homes and buildings across the world.

Why choose Porcelanosa XTONE for your kitchen worktops?

Kitchen worktops get a lot of use over their lifetime. They deal with spilt foods, sharp objects, hot pans, and all sorts of other hazards. So, when you choose a worktop, you want to know it will withstand all that and still look good after many years of use.

Let’s see how XTONE performs:

  • It’s chemical and stain-resistant
    Porcelanosa XTONE is non-porous, so you can spill red wine, coffee, tea, lemon juice, turmeric, and even drain cleaner on it, and it won’t leave a mark.
  • It’s UV-resistant
    If you’ve got a sunny kitchen or an outdoor kitchen, XTONE is the perfect worktop material because the colour won’t fade in sunlight.
  • It’s scratch and abrasion-resistant
    XTONE is incredibly hard, so you can slide objects along it, drop your keys, or use abrasive cleaning cloths without leaving a mark. We always advise using a chopping board when cutting on any worktop material, though.
  • It’s fire and temperature-resistant
    This refers to both hot and cold temperatures. You can put hot pans or electrical appliances directly onto an XTONE surface without fear of scorching or cracking. And its resistance to cold and frost makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens.
  • It’s hygienic and resistant to mould and bacteria
    Porcelanosa XTONE has low emissions of volatile organic compounds, so it’s safe to allow direct contact with foodstuffs. And its non-porous surface doesn’t let mould and bacteria take root and grow.
  • It’s maintenance-free and easy to clean
    The only thing you need to do with an XTONE kitchen worktop is wipe it down with soapy water after use.
  • It’s long-lasting
    XTONE comes with a whopping 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, which shows just how confident Porcelanosa is in the durability of this surface.
  • It’s sustainable
    XTONE is made from 100% natural minerals, which can be completely reused after its lifecycle.

What finishes and colours does Porcelanosa XTONE come in?

XTONE has a relatively small range of colours, but there’s plenty of variety across the colour spectrum and in design. For example, there are white, grey, black, cream and beige colours in various effects, including marble, stone, concrete, wood and metallics.

It also comes in three finishes, but not all colours come in all finishes, so if you’re set on a particular finish, check the colour you pick is available in it.

Porcelanosa XTONE finishes

Nature finish

Porcelanosa XTONE sink and wall cladding in a nature finish
XTONE nature finish is a matte finish with a natural effect that’s soft to the touch.

Polished finish

XTONE worktop in a polished finish
XTONE polished finish is a glossy, smooth finish that reflects objects like a mirror.

Silk finish

Porcelanosa XTONE flooring in a silk finish
XTONE silk finish is a fusion between polished and nature finishes. It has a matte finish with a soft layer that gives a subtle touch of shine.

Porcelanosa XTONE colours

Here are a few of our favourite colours in the range, but you can see all the Porcelanosa XTONE colours here.

Calacatta Gold

Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE worktops and splashbacks in Calacatta Gold

This XTONE countertop and splashback in Calacatta Gold has a white background with luminous golden veining, displaying all the character and elegance of classic white marble.

Viola Blue

Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE countertops and wall cladding in Viola Blue
Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE countertops and wall cladding in Viola Blue

This XTONE countertop and wall cladding in Viola Blue is inspired by luxurious Calacatta marble. It has an elegant cream-white background with a stunning blue pattern.

Fiori Di Bosco

Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE worktops and splashbacks in Fiori Di Bosco
Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE worktops and splashbacks in Fiori Di Bosco

This XTONE surface in Fiori Di Bosco is inspired by a distinguished Italian grey marble. It has a mix of stone shades with pronounced veining, giving it depth and character.

Liem Black

Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE surfaces in Liem Black
Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE surfaces in Liem Black

This XTONE surface in Liem Black is a sophisticated marble with a careful mix of three chromatic shades: grey, dark, and black. Luminous veins branch out along its surface, creating a subtle contrast and unrepeatable pattern.

Taj Mahal

Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE worktops and upstands in Taj Mahal
Kitchen with Porcelanosa XTONE worktops and upstands in Taj Mahal

This XTONE worktop and upstand in Taj Mahal is an elegant marble effect design with a succession of fluid beige layers and gold and taupe veining.

What design choices does Porcelanosa XTONE give you?

When it comes to creating unique designs, XTONE is perfect. Here’s how you can make your worktop both functional and bespoke with XTONE:

  • Porcelanosa XTONE can be installed on any brand of kitchen cabinets
    Sintered stone is a heavy product, so customers often ask if their kitchen cabinets, bought from places like Ikea, Howdens, B&Q and Homebase, are strong enough to support it. The answer is yes. All standard kitchen units are strong enough to support XTONE.

  • Porcelanosa XTONE comes in two thicknesses
    For worktops, XTONE is available in 12mm and 20mm thicknesses. 20mm is the most popular size, but the slimmer 12mm looks excellent in a modern kitchen. Unfortunately, not all colours come in both thicknesses, so always check before buying.
Kitchen with 12mm XTONE countertops in Raw Smoke
The slim design of this 12mm XTONE worktop in Raw Smoke gives this kitchen a modern, minimalist look.
Kitchen with 20mm XTONE countertops in Aria White
This 20mm XTONE countertop in Aria White has a smooth, chunky look that stands out beautifully against the dark kitchen cabinets.
  • Porcelanosa XTONE can be curved and shaped
    With XTONE, you don’t have to stick to straight edges. So, if you want curved corner cabinets, a round sink or an unusually shaped breakfast bar, you can have them with XTONE.
Kitchen worktop in XTONE Cararra White with undermount sink
This XTONE worksurface in Cararra White incorporates an undermount sink.
  • Porcelanosa XTONE allows you to have an undermount sink
    When it comes to your sink area, XTONE provides more choices than a standard sink and drainer combo. Instead, you can install an undermount sink and have a recessed drainer or drainer grooves cut into the worktop surface, so your sink area blends seamlessly into the kitchen.
Kitchen with XTONE countertops in Glem White
This Porcelanosa XTONE worktop in Glem White incorporates a flush-mounted hob to give the kitchen a designer look.
  • Porcelanosa XTONE allows you to have a flush-mounted hob
    Flush-mounted hobs are sunk into a worktop, so they are flush with its surface. This gives the kitchen a smooth, sleek finish and makes the hob much easier to clean. Not all worktop materials are suitable for flush-mounted hobs, but XTONE is.  
Kitchen worktop with pop-up sockets
Pop-up sockets are handy on a kitchen island. They pop up when you need them and are concealed when you don’t.
  • Porcelanosa XTONE allows you to have pop-up sockets
    A pop-up socket is essential if you want to use electrical appliances on a kitchen island. XTONE is one of the worktop materials that makes this possible.
  • Porcelanosa XTONE has matching upstands and splashbacks available
    Upstands and splashbacks that match your countertop give your kitchen a beautiful, finished look. Upstands are only 100mm tall, but splashbacks cover your wall’s full height between the worktop and cabinets.

    We often get asked whether you can have a 20mm thick worktop but 12mm splashbacks or upstands. 
    Unfortunately, you can’t because different thicknesses are manufactured in different batches, so the colours wouldn’t match.

  • Porcelanosa XTONE comes in a large slab size, meaning fewer joins
    All XTONE surfaces are available in large format 3200mm x 1600mm slabs. So, it can cover large areas with fewer cuts and joins than most other worktop materials.

What’s the installation process for XTONE countertops?

Porcelanosa XTONE countertops are made-to-measure and installed by our team of expert fitters. The process for ordering is simple:

  1. Get a quote. Get an online quote in one hour to find an XTONE colour that fits your budget.
  2. Order up to four free samples. Order free worktop samples to check the colours work with the other elements of your new kitchen.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Our expert installers make a template of your worktop. We can do this once your base cabinets have been fitted and within a week of placing your order. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for a worktop installation.
  5. Our fabricators make your worktop. This takes place at our fabricator’s workshop using specialist machines.
  6. Our professional installers fit your worktop. We aim to install it 1-2 weeks after the template has been made.

In summary

Porcelanosa XTONE is one of the most hardwearing and high-performing worktop materials available. And, although there aren’t many colours, the range covers a broad spectrum of shades and designs that make it easy to find something to suit your tastes. In addition, XTONE’s design versatility allows you to create a bespoke kitchen with a worktop that will look stunning for many years.

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