New Silestone® Colours: 10 stunning urban and chic designs

If you’re on the hunt for new Silestone® colours, you probably already know how fantastic this quartz worktop is in terms of resilience and durability. And we know Silestone® looks absolutely stunning in any kitchen setting thanks to its premium quality.

There’s already an extensive range of Silestone® colours to choose from. But if you’re interested in what’s fresh and new, you’re in the right place!

We’re pleased to introduce you to the Urban Crush series and the Le Chic collection – 10 beautiful new colours and designs that are sure to inspire!

There’s more good news too. Worktops in these colours are produced more sustainably using Silestone’s® HybriQ+ Technology®. This means they’re made with less than 40% crystalline silica, 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy and a minimum of 20% recycled materials. So, when you choose Urban Crush or Le Chic, you’re not just getting an eye-catching colour, but you’re also making an environmentally conscious choice.  

Here’s what you need to know.

The Urban Crush series

Urban Crush features four new colours inspired by the vibrant shades and textures of city life. All four colours come in a suede finish, with a soft and pleasant feel and full colour consistency. And these colours aren’t just for worktops; they can also be made into kitchen sinks, so everything blends seamlessly.

Below, we explore the Urban Crush series with colours to breathe new life into your kitchen.

Brass Relish

Kitchen island with Cosentino Silestone® worktop colour Brass Relish

Brass Relish is a captivating Silestone® colour that captures the coppery brown shades of fine-grained sandstone. It seamlessly blends with modern vintage colours, textures, and décor to add a touch of sophistication. Its soft metallic touch and grained brown tones create a warm and elegant atmosphere in any kitchen.

Cinder Craze

Kitchen with Cosentino worktop in Silestone® colour Cinder Craze

Cinder Craze is a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone. It seamlessly blends a dark, grainy structure with luminous white shell veins to bring style, personality, and vibrancy to industrial-inspired kitchens. It effortlessly complements natural materials and textures and provides a striking contrast with bold and vibrant colours.

Concrete Pulse

Kitchen island with Cosentino worktop in Silestone® colour Concrete Pulse

Concrete Pulse is a stunning Silestone® colour that’s inspired by urban concrete. Its versatile greyish tone serves as a neutral, harmonising backdrop to complement eclectic interiors with a mix of vibrant colours and natural textures. It embodies the raw beauty of city life while adding contemporary elegance to the kitchen.

Lime Delight

Kitchen with Cosentino Silestone® worktop colour Lime Delight

Lime Delight is a Silestone® worktop colour with a textured beige base that beautifully captures the radiant glow of Marbella’s renowned limestone. Its versatile tones provide a perfect backdrop for any kitchen colour and design style. Its bright and warm shade can create a space with a calm and pure ambience or complement more adventurous designs.

The Le Chic collection

The Le Chic collection consists of six new colours that exude elegance and sophistication. Its colour palette is discreet, with neutral shades enhanced with subtle colours. Five colours come in a beautiful, polished finish, while the sixth has a matte finish.

Below, we explore the Le Chic collection with colours perfect for creating a chic and timeless look in your kitchen.

Bohemian Flame

Sink area with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® worktop colour Bohemian Flame

Bohemian Flame is a Silestone® colour inspired by the movement of lava and the scars it leaves on volcanic soil. It has a dark brown base and subtle veins with metallic copper shades. It’s also reminiscent of the golden flame of a candle, moving gently and highlighting tiny metallic pieces. This colour comes in a matte finish.

Versailles Ivory

Kitchen with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® colour Versailles Ivory

Inspired by the exquisite ivory at the Palace of Versailles, Versailles Ivory is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Its ivory base has very subtle two-toned marbling, streaked with golden sparkling veining. This beautiful shade comes in a polished finish and will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

Victorian Silver

Kitchen with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® colour Victorian Silver

Victorian Silver is a Silestone® worktop colour that embodies the allure of history. It has a soft and subtle two-toned marbled background streaked with silver and dark grey veins. This colour comes in a polished finish. It complements both warm and cold tones to seamlessly blend with any kitchen.

Eclectic Pearl

Kitchen with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® worktop colour Eclectic Pearl

Eclectic Pearl is a colour with a unique charm that fuses classic and modern styling. Its pearly white base flows with streams of delicate veining in metallic tones that look like they’re encrusted with grains like diamonds. It comes in a polished finish and exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Romantic Ash

Kitchen with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® colour Romantic Ash

Romantic Ash is inspired by the depths of the Milky Way visible on a clear night. It has a black base with blue accents that strengthen its depth. And it’s covered in large rivers and incrustations of grains in various sizes. This colour comes in a polished finish.

Parisien Bleu

Kitchen with a worktop and splashback in Silestone® colour Parisien Bleu

Parisien Bleu is a Silestone® colour with a strong personality and powerful character. Its base has a deep bluish tone interspersed with fine veins in ochre tones. This colour is inspired by the stunning shades seen in famous Imperial Roman stones. It comes in a polished finish.

Order Silestone® colour samples

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If you need further advice on selecting the perfect worktop colour, please read our guide: How to choose the best worktop colour for your kitchen.

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