The ultimate guide to HI-MACS® kitchen worktops

If acrylic is your worktop material of choice, and you’re considering the HI-MACS® brand, you’re in the right place.

This guide covers everything you need to know about HI-MACS® kitchen worktops. Including who makes them and how, their benefits and design capabilities, the colours available and HI-MACS® worktop installation.

Who makes HI-MACS® kitchen countertops?

HI-MACS® is made by a company called LX Hausy. They’re a large manufacturer that works with a network of fabricators and installers worldwide to get their high-quality surfaces into homes and commercial buildings.

As well as for worktops, HI-MACS® surfaces are used for a wide variety of applications, such as flooring, wall cladding and building facades. So, that should give you an idea of how versatile and hard-wearing this surface is. It’s made from a mix of minerals, acrylic, and natural pigments, mixed with a reinforcing resin to form a strong and resilient material.

Why choose HI-MACS® kitchen worktops?

Everyday life can take its toll on a kitchen worktop. Using sharp knives, throwing down keys, spilling food and putting hot pans on the surface could cause damage.

So, can HI-MACS® kitchen countertops stand up to that abuse?

    Let’s look at HI-MACS’® benefits to find out:

    • It’s seamless
      This means the join is virtually invisible when two pieces of worktop are joined together. So, your whole worktop will look like one continuous piece, even around corners.
    • It’s repairable
      Minor marks on the surface can be buffed out easily using mild abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad. And if the damage is more severe, a certified installer can do the job for you.
    • It’s stain-resistant
      Nothing can penetrate HI-MACS’® non-porous surface. However, certain foods or spills left for long periods could leave a mark. But don’t forget, HI-MACS® is repairable, so these marks can be buffed out.
    • It’s impact-resistant
      You don’t have to worry if you drop something on a HI-MACS® worktop. The material is durable enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily wear and tear.
    • It’s food safe and hygienic
      HI-MACS® is rated excellent for hygiene because it’s non-porous. It naturally repels mould and bacteria and stops them from taking root and spreading.
    • It’s maintenance-free
      Once HI-MACS® is installed, there’s nothing to do other than clean it with soapy water after use. There’s no additional maintenance required.
    • It’s long-lasting
      HI-MACS® comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. But it will last a lot longer than that.

    The only downside to acrylic worktops is they’re susceptible to getting scorch marks if hot pans are left on them. They can withstand a certain amount of heat, but it’s best to protect the surface with hot pan trivets. But, if you accidentally scorch the surface, the mark can be buffed out.

    What colours do HI-MACS® kitchen countertops come in?

    All HI-MACS® worktops come in a smooth, polished finish. And, when it comes to colours, you’re spoilt for choice because there are nearly 90 to choose from. From bright, solid colours to shades and designs that mimic granite, quartz and concrete.

    Here are a few of our favourites, but you can see all the colours in the HI-MACS range here.

    Strato Wind

    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Chic Concrete
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Chic Concrete

    This HI-MACS® kitchen worktop in Strato Wind is a bright white surface with pale streaks of beige running through it, creating a wood grain effect.

    Chic Concrete

    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Chic Concrete
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Chic Concrete

    This HI-MACS® worktop in Chic Concrete is a concrete effect worktop in a warm, soft brown colour with dark brown and white flecks.

    Aurora Bianco

    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen worktops in Aurora Bianco
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen worktops in Aurora Bianco

    This HI-MACS® kitchen worktop in Aurora Bianco is light and bright with grey swirls and speckles.


    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen worktops in Cima
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen worktops in Cima

    This HI-MACS® kitchen worktop in Cima has a deep black background with grey and silvery specks.

    Aurora Frost

    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Aurora Frost
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® kitchen countertops in Aurora Frost

    This HI-MACS® kitchen countertop in Aurora Frost is white and has a subtle mottled grey pattern throughout.

    What design choices do HI-MACS® kitchen countertops give you?

    When it comes to creating unique designs, HI-MACS® is perfect. Here’s how it can make your worktop both functional and bespoke.

    • It comes in a variety of thicknesses
      HI-MACS® can be manufactured in sheets that are up to 100mm thick. So, whether you want a chunky worktop for a country-style kitchen, a slim, contemporary worktop, or something in between, it’s all possible.
    • It can be curved and shaped
      Cabinets come in all sorts of shapes, and HI-MACS® is a material that can be fabricated to fit those shapes. You can also have curved breakfast bars and cut-outs for round sinks.
    • It comes in a choice of 6 edge profiles
      Choose a design that matches the style of your kitchen. From square, rounded, and bevel-shaped edges to shark nose, waterfall, and ovolo edges.
    • It allows you to have an undermount sink
      Blend your sink area into your worktop by installing an undermount sink and having a recessed drainer, or drainer grooves cut into the worktop. HI-MACS® also manufacture their own range of sinks. They’re available in a range of square and rectangular designs and different sizes and colours to match or complement your choice of HI-MACS® worktop.
    Kitchen with HI-MACS® worktop and sink
    This HI-MACS® worktop and sink combo looks sleek and seamless in this kitchen.
    • It allows you to have a flush-mounted hob
      Another feature of a HI-MACS® is that it’s suitable for use with a flush-mounted hob, where the hob is sunk into the worktop to make it flush with the surface. This is a perfect look for designer kitchens.
    • It allows you to have pop-up sockets
      Pop-up sockets are essential for kitchen islands, where you can’t use wall sockets. HI-MACS® is one of the worktop materials that makes this possible.
    Kitchen worktop with pop-up sockets
    Pop-up sockets are handy on a kitchen island. They pop up when needed and are concealed when they aren’t.
    • Matching upstands and splashbacks are available
      Upstands and splashbacks made from the same material as your worktop give kitchens a beautiful, finished look. You can match the colours or choose different colours that complement each other.

    HI-MACS® worktop installation

    HI-MACS® kitchen countertops are a bespoke buy, which means they’re made to order to fit your kitchen perfectly. The process to buy and have them installed is simple:

    1. Get a quote. At SEH Interiors, you can get a same day quote. We quote all the colours in the range, so you can find something that suits your style and your budget.
    2. Order some samples. At SEH Interiors, you can order up to 4 free worktop samples and have them delivered to your home within a few days.
    3. Place your order.
    4. Expert installers measure your kitchen and make a template of your worktop. Once your new kitchen base cabinets have been fitted, we’ll visit you to take final measurements and create a template. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for a worktop installation.
    5. Your worktop is made. This takes place at the fabricator’s workshop.
    6. Your worktop is fitted. At SEH Interiors, we know you’ll be keen to finish your kitchen, so we aim to install worktops a week (with a maximum of two weeks) after the template has been made.

    In summary

    HI-MACS® is a beautiful and durable work surface with a huge choice of colours and styles to choose from. And its flexible design choices will allow you to create a bespoke kitchen with a worktop that will look fantastic for many years.

    SEH Interiors have over 10 years of experience supplying and fitting premium-quality kitchen countertops at affordable prices across the UK.
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