Neolith® colours: 9 stunning new marble-like worktop colours for luxurious kitchens

Neolith® is a beautiful and resilient sintered stone material. It’s used for many surfaces, such as wall cladding, floors, bathrooms, swimming pools and, of course, kitchen worktops.

There’s already an extensive range of Neolith® colours available. And now, nine new Neolith® colours have been added to the collection to give you more choice.

In this guide, we look at the newest Neolith® stone colours to show you what could be achieved in your kitchen.

Neolith® colour Black Obsession

Black Obsession

Black Obsession is Neolith’s® only new colour that’s part of its Fusion range. A range that blends traditional and contemporary design with unique patterns to mimic materials found in the natural world.

Black obsession fits this description perfectly. Inspired by natural marble, it has a dark background of black and copper tones, with delicate golden veins intertwined throughout the design.

This Neolith® colour comes in a silk finish.

Neolith® worktop colour Alexandra


This Neolith® stone colour is from their Classtone range, and it’s named after Alexandria, one of the most magnificent cities in the ancient world.

The colour is an updated design of the natural material known as ‘superwhite’, but with more grey tones incorporated into the design.

Alexandra is available in silk, polished décor and ultrasoft finishes.

Neolith® worktop colour Arabesque


Arabesque is a classic marble effect Neolith® colour from the Classtone range.

It has a light background with contrasting and bold grey veins arranged in a repeating pattern reminiscent of Arabesque art.

This eye-catching surface is available in décor polished, ultrasoft and silk finishes.

Neolith® colour Calacatta Royale

Calacatta Royale

As the name suggests, Calacatta Royale is a Neolith® stone colour that’s regal and exotic.

Part of the Classtone range, it’s another design inspired by classic Italian marble. Its grey, defined veins on a white background will add elegance and luxury to any kitchen.

Calacatta Royale is available in ultrasoft, décor polished and silk finishes.

Neolith® worktop colour Calista


Calista, from Neolith’s® Classtone range, has a beautiful yet understated marble-like design.

It has a soft background in cream tones and dense pearly veins running in the same direction. Inspired by Italian Serpeggiante marble, its surface evokes feelings of tranquillity and elegance.

Calista comes in ultrasoft and décor polished finishes.

Neolith® worktop colour Colorado Dunes

Colorado Dunes

Colorado Dunes is another classic marble-like design from the Classtone range. It’s named after the famous sand dunes of Colorado due to its beige and earthy tones – the latest colour trend in homes and fashion.

The silk finish version of this Neolith® colour has a texture that highlights the veins and gives it the look of naturally worn material.

It’s also available in décor polished and ultrasoft finishes.

Neolith® worktop colour Niagara


The Neolith® colour, Niagara, is named after the grand Niagara River and Falls and is inspired by classic Negro Marquina marble.

This unique and luxurious colour features a jet-black base with shimmering, fluid white veins that add depth to the design and evoke images of powerful moving water.

Niagara is available in décor polished and silk finishes.

Neolith® colour San Simone

San Simone

Named after natural marble with the same name found in Brazil, San Simone will bring a touch of class to any kitchen.

It has a white background with warm, classic tones and dark veins in varying thicknesses to give it character.

This Neolith® stone colour is from the Classtone range and is available in ultrasoft, décor polished and silk finishes.

Neolith® worktop colour Whitehaven


Whitehaven is described by Neolith® as being wild and unpredictable.

It has a white background with soft grey veining that appears to swirl and move unexpectedly, bringing vitality to the design. It will add light and cheerfulness to any kitchen it’s installed in.

Whitehaven is available in silk, ultrasoft and décor polished finishes.

Order Neolith® samples

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And, if you need a bit more help choosing your worktop colour, read our handy guide: How to choose the best worktop colour for your kitchen.

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