Contemporary kitchen design showing an island unit covered with a white and grey marble effect Dekton® worktop.

Contemporary kitchen design: Stunning worktop ideas

Contemporary kitchens are known for their minimalist design: frameless cabinetry, neutral colours, handleless doors, and horizontal lines. They are sleek and unfussy. Luxurious but simple.

But, when it comes to the worktops, what complements a contemporary style kitchen the best?

In this guide, we aim to inspire you with kitchen worktop ideas! We cover the best worktop materials, colours and designs to complete a contemporary kitchen look.

Best worktop materials for a contemporary kitchen

Natural stone or stone effect worktops are perfect for contemporary kitchens. Not only do they have a luxurious appearance, but they can also be cut into whatever shape or design you want. And they’re excellent when it comes to performance too. Most natural stone or stone effect worktops are scratch, stain and temperature resistant. And some are UV resistant too.

Here are some of our favourite contemporary kitchen designs with stone or stone effect worktops:


Granite is a natural stone that forms deep in the earth’s crust. And the great thing about granite is that no two pieces are ever the same. So, if you choose granite, you’ll have a unique kitchen countertop.

This kitchen has a minimalist look, with its frameless gloss white cabinets, stainless steel handles and undermount sink. All finished off with a beautiful black granite worktop.

Contemporary kitchen design with white cabinets and a black granite worktop.


Quartz is one of the next best materials to natural stone. It’s a man-made material consisting of quartz minerals and resin, but it looks and feels just like natural stone.

The kitchen below is an excellent example of how contemporary kitchens don’t have to feel sterile. Instead, the dark wood cabinets make it feel warm and welcoming. And the Silestone® worktop in Miami Vena contrasts beautifully with the cabinets, adding light to the overall look.

Contemporary kitchen island in an open plan living area. With dark wood cabinets topped with Silestone® white Miami Vena worktop

Sintered stone

Sintered stone is a man-made stone effect material made from pure minerals like porcelain, quartz and glass. The materials are crushed together using extreme heat and pressure, so there’s no need for resin. This makes these worktops look very similar to natural stone.

This kitchen below takes the minimalist look to the extreme. The island is wrapped with a Dekton® worktop in Kreta. And the same worktop has been used as a splashback.

Contemporary kitchen island covered in Dekton® worktops and splashbacks in a beige colour called Kreta

Worktop design features for a contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are all about striking designs. So, when it comes to designing a contemporary kitchen, you’ll want options. And that’s precisely what stone or stone-like worktop materials will give you. Because stone is a solid material (as opposed to a laminate worktop with an MDF core), it can be cut into any shape.

Look at these stunning contemporary kitchen design features that can be achieved with a solid surface worktop:


The clean, simple lines of contemporary kitchens don’t have to be straight!

The kitchen below features curved cabinets, topped off with a quartz Silestone® worktop in Et Statuario.

White kitchen with curved cabinets and a Silestone® worktop in a white colour called Et Statuario.

Flush-mounted hob

A flush-mounted hob is the ultimate contemporary kitchen design feature. The hob sits in a recess carved out of the worktop, so the hob and worktop surfaces are completely level with each other.

The contemporary kitchen below features a flush-mounted hob set into a sintered stone Dekton® worktop in Laurent.

Integrated sink and draining board

No contemporary kitchen is complete without an integrated sink and draining board. Together, they streamline the kitchen and add to the clutter-free, minimalist look. You can have undermount sinks or, Silestone® quartz offers its own range of integrated sinks that match or complement their worktops.

The kitchen below has a Silestone® sink, a recessed drainer and drainer grooves integrated into the worktop surface. It makes the whole sink area blend seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen.

Contemporary style kitchen showing a Silestone® worktop with an integrated sink, recessed drainer and drainer grooves in a white and grey marble effect.

Large kitchen island

Kitchen islands are very popular in contemporary kitchen design. Particularly in open plan living spaces, as they create a divide between the living and dining areas. And if you want to go big on a kitchen island, you’ll need a worktop material that comes in larger than average slab sizes.

The kitchen below features a large kitchen island made possible by Silestone® quartz. This worktop colour is called Halcyon.

Large contemporary kitchen island with Silestone® worktop in a white colour called Halcyon.

Splashbacks and upstands

Splashbacks and upstands are perfect finishing touches for a contemporary kitchen design. Upstands are 100mm tall. They cut off the sharp corners at the back of base cabinets and soften the room’s overall look. Splashbacks cover the whole wall and can add a touch of flair to your worktop design.

We love this contemporary kitchen design below. Caesarstone® worktops and splashbacks in Sleet complement the wooden kitchen cabinets beautifully.

Contemporary kitchen design with brown cabinets and Caesarstone worktops and splashbacks in white with copper veins called Sleet

Best worktop colours for a contemporary kitchen

When people think of a contemporary style kitchen, they often think of neutral colour pallets. But, when it comes to colours and patterns, anything goes.

Check out this range of colours to get some worktop ideas for contemporary kitchens:

Neutral colours

This kitchen features a Caesarstone® quartz worktop in Georgian Bluffs.

Contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets and Caesarstone® worktops in Georgian Bluffs

Metallic colours

We love the striking design of this copper effect Neolith® worktop in Iron Corten.

Contemporary kitchen design showing a kitchen island covered in a copper-coloured worktop called Neolith® Iron Corten


Matt black worktops are popular for contemporary kitchens. We love this quartz Silestone® worktop in Charcoal Soapstone. It’s black, but with subtle grey veining.

Contemporary kitchen worktop ideas showing a black kitchen with a black Silestone® worktop called Charcoal Soapstone.


You can’t go wrong with white worktops in a contemporary kitchen. This Silestone® worktop in Iconic White beautifully complements the wood effect cabinets.

Contemporary kitchen worktop ideas showing a kitchen with wood effect cabinets and a large kitchen island in the middle with Silestone® worktops in Iconic White.

Natural stone effects

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and a white and brown marble effect Dekton® worktop and splashbacks in a colour called Entzo.

Marble effects are often associated with traditional kitchens. But they suit contemporary kitchens too. Just look at this stunning contemporary kitchen with marble effect Dekton® worktops and splashbacks in Entzo.

If you need help choosing a worktop for your contemporary kitchen, browse our worktop range, or give us a call on 01937 222170. We’ll be happy to help!