Concrete effect worktops: 10 impressive concrete alternatives to elevate your kitchen design

Real concrete worktops have grown popular recently due to their unique raw, organic look and durability. They add character to kitchens, and suit many styles, including contemporary, industrial and farmhouse.

However, while real concrete worktops have their advantages, they’re not suitable for everyone. Concrete is heavy, and cabinets may need reinforcement or modification to bear its weight. They also need regular maintenance, including sealing to protect the porous surface against stains and moisture.

But don’t be disheartened. If you don’t want the hassle of a real concrete worktop, choose a concrete effect worktop instead. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available.

This blog looks at some of the best concrete effect worktops and picks out some of our favourite brands.

Sintered stone concrete effect worktops

Sintered stone is a manufactured stone material made from natural minerals. The minerals are bonded using extreme heat and pressure, the same way stone forms naturally underground. Unlike real concrete, sintered stone is non-porous and maintenance-free.

Here are a few popular sintered stone concrete effect worktops:

Dekton® Soke

Kitchen with a Dekton® concrete effect worktop in Soke.

Dekton® Soke is inspired by the colours and patterns of classic cement floors. It has a detailed background of varying shades of grey with realistic veining, mimicking the hairline cracks that add a rustic feel to real concrete over time.

Caesarstone® Porcelain Concritta 411

Caesarstone® Porcelain Concritta 411 combines the feel of concrete with the rugged look of stone. It’s layered with various shades of grey, designed to add the textured structure of rock mixed with the streaky look of raw cement. It comes in an ultra-rough finish for a truly authentic look.

Neolith® Cement

White kitchen with a Neolith concrete effect worktop in Cement.

Neolith® Cement is a concrete effect worktop colour with a balanced grey tone. It comes in a satin finish, creating a softened look to the worktop and the kitchen.

XTONE® Bottega Acero

Dark grey kitchen with a XTONE® concrete effect worktops and splashbacks in Bottega Acero.

XTONE® Bottega Acero is a soft grey concrete style worktop colour that combines the realism of concrete with ceramics. It’s been used for worktops, walls and floors in this kitchen, creating a contemporary look with a subtle industrial twist.

SEH Sintered Stone Concrete Grey

Swatch of an SEH Sintered Stone concrete effect worktop in Concrete Grey.

SEH Sintered Stone Concrete Grey is a realistic concrete effect worktop. It has a grey base topped with darker and lighter patches of grey to add interest and depth.

Quartz concrete effect worktops

Quartz worktops are made from natural quartz minerals and a small amount of resin. There are many quartz worktops available on the market, but by choosing one of our premium brands, you can be sure it will be stain-resistant and maintenance-free.

Here are a few popular quartz concrete effect worktops:

Caesarstone® Fresh Concrete

Caesarstone® Fresh Concrete is a crisp white concrete effect worktop delicately touched by subtle greys that breathe warmth and organic energy into any kitchen.

Silestone® Concrete Pulse

Kitchen with a Silestone concrete effect worktop in Concrete Pulse.

Silestone® Concrete Pulse is inspired by urban concrete. It has a versatile greyish tone that combines the beauty of city life with a contemporary look. Its greyish tone serves as a neutral background to complement vibrant colours and natural textures in the rest of the kitchen.

Fugen® Carbon

Kitchen with a Fugen concrete effect worktop in Carbon.

Fugen® Carbon has a unique grey hue that evokes feelings of serenity, wellbeing, and peace. With a cloud-like pattern in varying shades of grey and leather finish, it looks soft and calming.

SEH Quartz Cemento Light

Swatch of an SEH Quartz concrete style worktop in Cemento Light.

SEH Quartz Cemento Light is a pale grey, almost white concrete effect worktop colour that’s interspersed with dark grey and white swirls. The effect is subtle and sophisticated.

Acrylic concrete effect worktops

Acrylic worktops are made from acrylic, pure natural minerals and a reinforcing plastic resin. The most well-known brand is Corian®, but many other high-quality brands are available.

Like other concrete effect worktops in this blog, all acrylic worktops are stain-resistant and maintenance-free. They also have a few extra bonuses: Two pieces can be joined with virtually invisible seams to create a seamless look. And acrylic worktops are repairable.

Here are a few popular acrylic concrete effect worktops:

Corian® Ash Concrete

Kitchen with a Corian concrete effect worktops and wall cladding in Ash Concrete.

Corian® Ash Concrete is a concrete style worktop with a base colour consisting of various grey hues, topped with fine particles that add depth and a modern dynamic aesthetic.

HI-MACS® Cloud Concrete

Kitchen with a HI-MACS concrete effect worktop in Cloud Concrete.

HI-MACS® Cloud Concrete exudes the industrial look of concrete yet is equally at home in a contemporary style kitchen. It’s a very smooth pale grey, covered with tiny particles that add depth.

Durasein® Concrete

Kitchen with Durasein concrete effect worktop and splashback in Concrete.

Durasein® Concrete is a simple yet stylish concrete style worktop with a solid grey background and tiny specks in shades of grey, black and white set out in a uniform pattern.

In summary

If you love the look of concrete worktops, carefully consider real concrete’s maintenance requirements and the overall design vision for your kitchen. If real concrete isn’t suitable for you, plenty of maintenance-free and more durable alternatives are available.

Concrete effect worktops from our sintered stone, quartz and acrylic ranges easily stand up to the wear and tear that everyday use brings. They look just as good (if not better!) as real concrete worktops and are much easier to look after.

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