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Transform your kitchen with Cosentino worktops: A guide to Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa®

As a homeowner, you understand the value of a beautiful and well-designed kitchen. And, when it comes to elevating its aesthetics and performance, you know selecting the right worktop is paramount.

Your countertop plays a crucial role in the overall look of your space. It’s the foundation for preparing meals, gathering with loved ones, and creating lasting memories. With Cosentino’s remarkable range of worktops, namely Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa®, you can transform your kitchen into a masterpiece that combines beauty and practicality.

In this blog, we delve into the world of Cosentino worktops, exploring the unique features and benefits so you can discover the characteristics that make Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa®, stand out from the crowd.

Understanding the power of Cosentino worktops

Cosentino is a Spanish family-owned company founded in 1945. It’s now become a leading global company established as a trusted manufacturer of innovative, high-quality surfaces that combine beauty and durability.

Cosentino surfaces aren’t just used to make worktops either. You’ll also find Cosentino materials used on floors, walls, building facades and swimming pools. And some materials are used to make kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower trays and furniture. That’s an indication of just how versatile and strong these surfaces are.

Sustainability is high on Cosentino’s agenda, too, as they strive to create products that positively impact the world. For example, their products contain high percentages of recycled materials with long life cycles. They’re manufactured with renewable electricity and recycled water. And they’re transported globally using increasingly cleaner and more efficient transportation methods.

You can find out more about Cosentino here.

Experience the resilience of Cosentino Dekton® countertops

Kitchen with black Cosentino Dekton countertops in Doomos

Dekton® combines the best qualities of porcelain, glass, and quartz to create a truly revolutionary surface. It’s a technical ultra-compact stone manufactured using exclusive technology that causes mineral particles to bond with each other. This advanced process mimics how natural stone is formed deep underground, achieving what nature takes thousands of years to perfect within hours.

There are a wide range of benefits in choosing Dekton® for your worktops. Whether dealing with hot pans, accidental spills, direct sunlight, sharp objects, or extreme temperature changes, Dekton® is built to withstand the demands of daily life with ease. It’s also fire-resistant, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind in the kitchen. And maintenance is a breeze because it only needs a quick wipe-down to keep it looking pristine.

With Dekton®, finding the perfect colour to match your kitchen design is easy. An extensive range of colours, textures, and finishes offers many possibilities to suit your style and preferences. From elegant whites and creams to sophisticated greys and bold, dark hues. You can choose from solid colours for a sleek modern look or explore designs that mimic the beauty of natural stones like granite and marble.

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Discover the elegance of Cosentino Silestone® countertops

Kitchen with white and grey Cosentino Silestone countertops in Eternal Calacatta Gold

Silestone® quartz is a hybrid surface that blends premium natural minerals with recycled materials. And, when it comes to sustainability, Silestone® marks another significant step in Cosentino’s pursuit of eco-conscious practices – it’s crafted with exclusive and innovative HybriQ+® technology. A manufacturing process that uses more recycled materials, 100% renewable energy and 99% recycled water.

You can find out more about Silestone® HybriQ+® worktops here.

Just like Dekton®, Silestone® boasts many benefits too. It’s scratch-resistant and can handle metal objects, such as keys and pans, moving across the surface. It’s non-porous, so accidental spillages can easily be wiped away without leaving a stain. It’s easy to clean and maintenance-free. And it’s also an extremely durable surface that will last for decades.

Silestone® is available in three luxurious finishes and a wide variety of colours, allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect match for your kitchen design. The colour palette spans from pristine whites and creamy neutrals to warm beiges, rich, dark shades, and bold solid colours. Whether you envision a worktop that exudes the natural elegance of granite or the timeless beauty of marble, Silestone® has a selection that caters to your needs.

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Embrace the natural beauty of Cosentino Sensa® Granite

Kitchen with brown and orange swirled Cosentino Sensa countertops

Sensa® embodies the timeless beauty of natural stone, extracted from the depths of the earth, and skilfully crafted into exquisite slabs. Each slab is a testament to the uniqueness of nature, showcasing distinct patterns and colours that ensure no two Sensa® granite worktops are the same.

What sets Sensa® apart from other granites is Cosentino’s exclusive anti-stain protection, demonstrating their commitment to both aesthetics and practicality. With this innovative feature, Sensa® granite offers enhanced durability and longevity, eliminating the need for frequent sealing and extending the life cycle of your worktop. It’s highly stain-resistant, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

When it comes to colour choices, despite being restricted to what nature naturally provides, Sensa® offers an incredible array of colours and patterns, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen, ranging from creamy neutrals to striking greys and even vibrant orange tones. Whether you prefer classic textures that exude timeless elegance or dark contrasts to make a bold statement, Sensa® worktops have a spectrum of choices to suit every taste.

Explore the versatility of Cosentino worktops

Kitchen with white Cosentino Silestone countertops in Desert Silver

Cosentino worktops offer limitless design possibilities, allowing you to create a truly unique kitchen tailored to your preferences.

There are many popular design concepts to consider. There’s the waterfall worktop, where the surface gracefully flows down the sides of a kitchen island, creating a striking visual statement and a sense of continuity. You can mix and match different worktop materials and colours to achieve a captivating contrast or complementary look. You can pair the worktop with a flush-mounted hob and integrated sink with drainer grooves for seamless integration and a sleek, contemporary look. And you can add shapes, curves, and even LED strip lights for softness and ambience.

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Choosing the perfect Cosentino worktop for your kitchen

Kitchen with white and grey Cosentino Sensa granite worktops

Several factors must be considered when selecting a Cosentino worktop to ensure it perfectly suits your needs and preferences. One crucial aspect is your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. If you’re a messy cook or have young children, opting for a worktop with high stain and heat resistance, such as Dekton®, is a wise choice. Silestone® and Sensa® are also stain-resistant, but you need to be careful with hot pans and always use a hot pad or trivet.

When it comes to colours and patterns, selecting options that complement your kitchen décor and overall design scheme is crucial. Consider the existing colour palette in your kitchen, such as cabinets and flooring, and choose a Cosentino worktop that harmonises with these elements.

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With Cosentino worktops, you’re not just upgrading your kitchen; you’re transforming it into a space that reflects your style and caters to your everyday needs. From durability and easy maintenance to design versatility and sustainability, these surfaces offer an exceptional combination of qualities that will give your kitchen a premium feel. So, why not trust Cosentino’s power and discover the endless possibilities that await you.

At SEH Interiors, we take pride in being a trusted supplier and installer of Cosentino worktops. We’ve witnessed first-hand the immense impact these exceptional materials have on a kitchen’s appearance and functionality. Whether you seek a sleek and modern look, timeless beauty, or natural charm, Cosentino worktops offer a solution that perfectly caters to your needs.

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