Light green Corian kitchen worktop with kitchen sink options of a white integrated Corian sink

Best kitchen sink options for acrylic worktops: Exploring integrated, undermount and top mount sinks

When choosing a worktop for your new kitchen, it’s vital to select your sink and draining board combo at the same time. Why? Because if you don’t, you could miss out on some clever designs that will make your kitchen look fantastic.

This blog explores the kitchen sink options available for acrylic worktops and highlights their benefits. We also look at some popular sinks, taps, and sleek integrated drainers.

Integrated sinks for acrylic worktops

An integrated sink is a sink that’s seamlessly integrated into a worktop’s surface. To achieve this, the sink and worktop are made from the same material to form a unified and continuous surface without visible edges or seams.

There are two main benefits of choosing integrated kitchen sink options. The first is that they’re aesthetically pleasing, with a streamlined and cohesive look that enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen. Secondly, cleaning and maintenance are a lot easier compared to traditional sink and drainer combos. This is because there are no gaps or crevices where dirt, grime or water can accumulate.

White Hi-macs kitchen worktop with a white integrated Hi-macs sink

Acrylic integrated sinks

Integrated kitchen sink options are available for all our acrylic worktop brands, which we supply and install with your worktop. And you can rest assured that the sinks offer beauty, functionality, and durability, just like the worktops. They’re stain and impact-resistant, easy to clean, seamless and repairable. Which makes them the perfect sink option for your kitchen.

Below, we look at the most popular sinks for each acrylic brand.

White Durasein kitchen worktop with a white integrated Durasein sink

Corian® sinks

Corian® have six designs within their range, available in designer white, glacier white or cameo white.

Our most popular Corian® sinks are in the Spicy and Sweet ranges. The models shown below are often paired as they fit perfectly within a 600mm base cabinet – the most popular size for sinks. Spicy sinks have square corners to suit modern kitchens, while the Sweet range has rounded corners to complement traditional-style kitchens.

Corian sink Spicy 969 and 967

Spicy 969 and 967

Corian sink Sweet 859 and 857

Sweet 859 and 857

Other popular Corian® sinks

Spicy 965

Spicy 965

Spicy 970

Spicy 970

Tasty 9610

Tasty 9610

Durasein® sinks

Durasein® sinks are available in square, rectangular, round, and oval designs, all in glacier white.

Most popular Durasein® sinks:

Durasein sink The Claude

The Claude

Durasein sink The Marie

The Marie

HI-MACS® sinks

HI-MACS® sinks are available in a range of square and rectangular designs in alpine white.

Most popular HI-MACS® sinks:









Tristone™ sinks

Tristone™ have three ranges of integrated sinks. Thermoformed sinks are made in the same colour as your worktop. The SYNCO range has sink walls in the same colour as your worktop but with a stainless-steel base. And the Cast range consists of under-mounted sinks, all available in white.

The most popular Tristone™ sinks are all from the Cast range:













Staron® sinks

Staron® sinks are available in a range of sizes in bright white.

Most popular Staron® sinks:

Staron sink A1181


Staron sink A1231


Krion™ sinks

Krion™ sinks are available in a range of square and rectangular designs in white.

Most popular Krion™ sinks:

Krion sink C604


Krion sink C831


Hanex® sinks

Hanex® sinks are available in square and rectangular designs in white.

Most popular Hanex® sinks:

Hanex sink KS11


Hanex sink KS3


1810 Axix integrated sinks

1810 Axix sinks are a unique design concept that combines a steel-effect sink base with sides made from your worktop material, creating a visually stunning effect.

The metal has a protective, insulating powder coating called Insusound, which helps retain water temperature.

1810 Axix sink bottoms are available in stainless steel, copper, gunmetal, gold brass and matte black effects in square and rectangular designs. We can supply and install them with any of our worktop brands.

Axix 1810 kitchen sink and tap set in a worktop

1810 Axix kitchen sink options suitable for acrylic worktops:

1810 Axix sink Axixuno 190U SOS

Axixuno 190U SOS

1810 Axix sink Axixuno 355U SOS

Axixuno 450U SOS

1810 Axix sink Axixuno 450U SOS

Axixuno 450U SOS

1810 Axix sink Axixuno 500U SOS

Axixuno 500U SOS

1810 Axix sink Axixuno 700U SOS

Axixuno 700U SOS

Undermount sinks for acrylic worktops

Brown kitchen worktop with a white undermount Blanco Subline sink

Undermount sinks are like integrated sinks sitting below the worktop’s surface. They also allow the sink to blend into its surroundings, so it’s easier on the eye and easy to clean. But, unlike integrated options, the sink is made from a different material than the worktop.

Blanco undermount sinks

Green kitchen with grey worktops and a white Blanco Villae undermount sink

We supply and install three styles of Blanco undermount sinks. The SUBLINE sink is made from silgranit— a composite material made from 80% natural quartz mixed with acrylic resin – and comes in nine colours. Then there’s the VILLAE FARMHOUSE and BELFAST sinks. Both are farmhouse/classic kitchen sink options in white ceramic.

Blanco Subline sink in anthracite

– anthracite

Blanco Villae Farmhouse double sink in white

double – in white

Blanco Belfast sink in white

– in white

Caple undermount sinks

White kitchen worktop with a black steel Caple undermount kitchen sink

Our Caple range has seven undermount sinks, including four styles of ceramic sinks, one black steel and two stainless steel sinks.

Caple Ettra 600 white ceramic kitchen sink

– in ceramic

Caple Mode 3145 black steel kitchen sink

MODE 3145
– in black steel

Caple Zero 55 stainless steel kitchen sink

– in stainless steel

Top mount sinks for acrylic worktops

Brown kitchen worktop with a stainless-steel undermount Blanco Classic sink

Top mount, or drop-in, is the term used for sinks that sit over or above the worktop. They drop into a pre-cut hole, and the sink’s rim or lip sits on top of the work surface. This creates a visible edge between the sink and the surrounding countertop, serving as a decorative element by adding a defined border to the sink area.

Blanco top mount sinks

Wooden kitchen worktop with a stainless-steel undermount Blanco Solis sink

We supply and fit four styles of Blanco top-mount sinks. There are the stainless steel ANDANO and CLASSIC sinks, the traditional ceramic white PANOR sink, and the brushed steel SOLIS sink.

Blanco Andano 340/180-U sink in stainless steel

ANDANO 340/180-U
– in stainless steel

Blanco Classic 40 S sink in stainless steel

– in stainless steel

Blanco Panor sink in ceramic white

– ceramic white

Blanco Solis 340/180-U sink in brushed steel

SOLIS 340/180U
– brushed steel

Caple top mount sinks

Grey kitchen worktop with a white Caple Cheshire 760 ceramic sink

There is just one top-mount sink in our Caple range. It’s a beautiful ceramic sink – perfect for a farmhouse or country kitchen.

Caple Cheshire 760 white ceramic kitchen sink

Cheshire 760
– ceramic

Integrated draining

White Durasein kitchen worktop with an integrated sink and drainer grooves

If you choose an integrated or undermount sink, the perfect solution for draining is drainer grooves or a recessed drainer cut from your worktop’s surface. The recess or grooves are strategically placed to create channels that allow water to flow directly into the sink. And because they’re the same colour and material as your worktop, they blend seamlessly into the kitchen, providing a sleek look.

Kitchen taps

Your kitchen tap is one of the final finishing touches that can make your kitchen stunning.

We supply and install taps from the 1810 Axix, Blanco and Caple ranges, many designed to match the sinks. However, all taps will look equally beautiful when teamed with any kitchen sink options mentioned.

Here are a few of our favourites:

1810 Axix Cascata Square Spout kitchen tap in chrome

1810 Axix Cascata
square spout – chrome

1810 Axix Spirale Spring kitchen tap in copper

1810 Axix Spirale Spring
– copper

Blanco Evol-S pro hot kitchen tap in matt black

Blanco Evol-S pro hot
– matt black

Blanco Candor Twin kitchen tap in brushed stainless steel

Blanco Candor Twin
– brushed stainless steel

Caple Avel dual lever tap in black steel

Caple Avel dual lever
– black steel

Caple Vapos 2 3-in-1 hot water tap in gunmetal

Caple Vapos 2 3-in-1
hot water – gunmetal

Sinks, taps and drainers installed with kitchen worktops

Whether you prefer the sleek look of an integrated sink, the clean lines of an undermount sink, or the versatility of a top mount sink, there’s a wide variety of options to suit your preferences. And don’t forget taps and draining options. These finishing touches can make all the difference to the overall look of your kitchen.

At SEH Interiors, we can supply and install your kitchen sink option and taps along with your worktop choice. Not only does this make things more convenient for you, but it also ensures a flawless finish for your kitchen.

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