Kitchen worktop samples: avoid costly kitchen makeover mistakes

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, you’ve probably been researching the different elements that will go into it. The cabinets, appliances, sinks and taps, for example. But one of the most crucial elements is your worktop.

Second only to your cabinets, the worktop will significantly impact how your kitchen looks and feels overall. So, don’t rely solely on room-shot photos and swatches to make your choice. Instead, we recommend always looking at kitchen worktop samples in your home.

In this guide, we dig into why you should order kitchen worktop samples and explain what the samples can show you that a photograph can’t.

4 reasons why you should order kitchen worktop samples

1. To see the worktop’s true colour and design

Have you ever bought clothes off a website and found that the colour looks nothing like in the photo? It’s the same with worktops!

When you look at a colour swatch or professional room shot photo on a screen, it’s unlikely to accurately represent the worktop’s colour. This is because every computer monitor, laptop or phone’s colour is slightly different. And when you see a photo, often the shot isn’t zoomed in enough on the worktop to show any detail either.

But you’ll see the colour and design in detail when you order countertop samples. You might be surprised at how different they are.

2. To see how the colour looks in your kitchen

Some people have bright, airy kitchens with plenty of natural daylight, while others have dark kitchens. And this change in light can make a significant difference to how the worktop’s colour looks. So, this is another good reason to order kitchen worktop samples.

When you receive your samples, check the colour at different times of the day and in various weather conditions. For example, how does it look first thing on a sunny morning compared to an overcast morning? And how does it look at night in artificial lighting? Also, move the worktop sample to different areas of the room to see how the colour changes.

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a worktop colour you’re happy with, whatever the time of day or weather conditions.

3. To check the colour works with the rest of your kitchen

Imagine having a new worktop fitted only to find the colour or pattern looks awful with your cabinets, jars with your flooring or clashes with your wallpaper.

To avoid these horrors, always order kitchen worktop samples before you buy. You may find the pattern on a worktop you loved the look of online is much bigger than you thought, so it won’t work with your wallpaper. Or a beige-coloured worktop you picked to complement your cabinets will clash because it’s more yellowy than it looked on your phone screen.   So, when you receive your countertop samples, hold them against all the other elements that make up your kitchen to ensure everything looks good.

4. To see and feel the finish and texture

Worktops come in many different finishes and textures depending on the brand and colour you buy. Dekton® worktop samples, for example, can have a polished, velvet, smooth matte or textured matte finish. Silestone® worktop samples come in polished, suede, or volcano finish. And Corian® worktop samples all have the same smooth finish and texture.  

Finish and texture are things you’ll never see in a photograph. So, always order kitchen worktop samples to see and feel them in real life. Not only do you want to make sure you like the feel. But different textures and finishes reflect light differently. For example, light bounces off polished surfaces and reflects light, while matte finishes absorb some light.

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And, if you need help choosing your worktop colour, read our handy guide: How to choose the best worktop colour for your kitchen.

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