Green kitchen with Caesarstone® quartz worktop in concrete

The ultimate guide to Caesarstone® quartz worktops

Choosing the right worktop for your new kitchen can be difficult. There are so many materials, brands, colours and designs that it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help.

If you’ve narrowed your choice down to a quartz worktop, maybe you’re considering Caesarstone® quartz?

In this blog, we take a detailed look at Caesarstone® quartz worktops to help you make your decision. We cover what Caesarstone® is made of, its performance and all the design choices it brings you.  

What are Caesarstone® quartz worktops made of?

Caesarstone® worktops are made from a mix of 93% natural quartz minerals and 7% resin and colour pigmentation.

They’re made by mixing the materials together and treating them with intense pressure and heat. A process that mimics the way natural stones, such as marble and granite, are formed naturally, deep under the earth’s surface.

Who makes Caesarstone® kitchen worktops?

Caesarstone® is made by Caesarstone Ltd. Founded in 1987, they are the pioneers of natural quartz surfaces. Through continuous investment and research, they’ve been at the forefront of innovation. Creating new textures, new finishes and radical new designs.

Caesarstone’s head office is in Israel, and they have three manufacturing sites. Two in Israel and one in the USA. They then use a global network of suppliers and installers to get Caesarstone® worktops into people’s homes.

How hard-wearing are Caesarstone® quartz worktops?

Food and drink spills, hot pans and knives are all things a worktop needs to withstand daily. And some worktops perform better than others.

So how does Caesarstone® perform? In most areas, it performs well. They are:

  • Stain-resistant. Quartz is a non-porous material. So, if you spill anything, it won’t penetrate the surface. So, even coffee, lemon juice, red wine and spices like turmeric won’t stain.
  • Scratch-resistant. Because Caesarstone® is made with 93% quartz, it has an incredibly hard surface that won’t mark if you slide things across it. You can cut veg directly on the surface, but, as with any worktop, we recommend using a chopping board.
  • Maintenance-free. Caesarstone® worktops only need a wipe down with soapy water after use to keep them looking like new.
  • Backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

There’s only one thing you need to be careful with:

  • Protect the surface from temperatures above 150 degrees and sudden, extreme temperature changes. We recommend putting hot pans, baking trays, deep fat fryers etc. on a trivet or hot pad.

What finishes and colours do Caesarstone® kitchen worktops come in?

Caesarstone® worktops come in over 70 colours which are split across three collections. And each colour has its own specific finish.

Here’s a run-down of the range.

Caesarstone® Metropolitan Collection

As the name suggests, this collection is inspired by industrial architecture. Each colour reflects the authentic textures of raw manufacturing. So, you’ll find colours that resemble materials like oxidized steel, plaster and concrete. The colours include varying shades of black, brown, beige and grey.

Here are a few examples:

Caesarstone® Supernatural Collection

This collection is inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful natural stones, such as marble and granite. In this collection, you’ll find earthy tones with delicate veining and intricate textures. The colours range from traditional white and grey marble effects to black, brown, beige and grey granite effects.

Here are a few examples:

Caesarstone® Classico Collection

This Collection comes in a classic range of colours. From intense white and light creams to dark browns and black. Each colour comes in either a polished finished or a honed finish.

Here are some examples:

What design choices does Caesarstone® quartz give you?

When it comes to design options, a Caesarstone® quartz worktop is so versatile that it’s easy to create a tailor-made kitchen to suit your tastes and needs. Here’s how:

Caesarstone® worktops can be installed on any brand of kitchen cabinets

Whether your kitchen units are from Wrens, Homebase, Ikea, or any other supplier, Caesarstone® worktops will be compatible. This means your choice of worktop won’t limit your choice of kitchen supplier.

Caesarstone® quartz worktops come in three thicknesses and 15 edge options

Caesarstone® worktops come in 13mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. With the most popular choice being 20mm. There is also a large range of edge options available, so it’s easy to find one that matches your kitchen’s style.

Caesarstone® worktop edge options
Caesarstone® worktops come in a range of 15 edge options.

Caesarstone® kitchen worktops can be curved

Kitchen units come in all shapes and sizes, and Caesarstone® worktops do too. So, if you’d love some curves in your kitchen, Caesarstone® is a worktop that can be cut to mirror that curve. And it also allows you to have a round sink.

kitchen worktop ideas showing Caesarstone® worktop in Bianco Drift
This Caesarstone® worktop in Bianco Drift has been custom-made to match the cabinet’s curve in this kitchen, giving an overall softer look.`

Caesarstone® allows you to have an undermount sink

Undermount sinks are hugely popular in modern kitchens. Teamed with a recessed drainer or drainer grooves, they help the whole sink area blend seamlessly into your kitchen, giving a minimalist look.  

As Caesarstone® is an engineered stone, it can be cut to allow for an undermount sink. And the drainer can be mitred out of the worktop’s surface.

Kitchen with Caesarstone® worktop with undermount sink
This Caesarstone® quartz worktop has an undermount sink. It blends seamlessly into the worktop, giving the kitchen a minimalist look.

Caesarstone® allows you to have a flush-mounted hob

Flush-mounted hobs can give your kitchen a contemporary designer look. And Caesarstone® worktops can easily be cut to accommodate them.

Kitchen with Caesarstone® worktop in Frosty Carrina with flush-mounted hob
This Caesarstone® worktop in Frosty Carrina incorporates a flush-mounted hob to give the kitchen a designer look.

Caesarstone® allows you to have pop-up sockets

Pop-up sockets are brilliant for kitchen islands, where you can’t plug appliances into wall sockets without dangerously trailing cables across a walkway. If you have a Caesarstone® worktop, pop-up sockets can be installed into the island. You can pop them open when you need them and store them away when you don’t.

Kitchen worktop with pop-up sockets
Pop-up sockets can be installed into a Caesarstone® worktop. It’s a handy solution for plugging appliances into kitchen islands.

Caesarstone® has matching upstands and splashbacks available

Upstands and splashbacks, installed above your kitchen worktops, protect your walls from food and liquid splashes. For a coordinated look, every Caesarstone® worktop colour has a matching upstand and splashback available.

Upstands are 100mm tall, so only protect a small area. You can use tiles or a glass splashback to cover the rest of the wall if you wish.

However, splashbacks cover the whole wall between your worktop and the cabinets above.

Kitchen with Caesarstone® quartz worktops in Empira White
This kitchen has a Caesarstone® worktop in Empira White with a matching splashback to protect the wall from cooking splashes.

Are Caesarstone® quartz worktops expensive?

If you shop around for quartz worktops, you’ll find many that are cheaper than Caesarstone®. But there’s a very good reason for that.

Caesarstone® is a premium-quality quartz. It contains 93% quartz and only 7% resin. This ratio of quartz to resin makes it extremely strong and able to withstand everyday wear and tear without showing any signs of damage.

But not all quartz is equal. Cheap quartz worktops often have a much lower quartz content, resulting in poor quality and performance issues.

So, although Caesarstone® is more expensive than other quartz worktops, it’s reassuringly expensive. And when you consider it comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty as well, you’ll see that it offers excellent value for money.

What’s the installation process for Caesarstone® kitchen worktops?

Caesarstone® is a bespoke worktop that has to be made to order and be installed by experts. The process does take longer than when you buy an ‘off the shelf’ worktop, but the results are worth the wait.

This is the process you’ll go through to have your Caesarstone® worktop installed:

  1. Request an online quote. We’ll get it back to you within an hour during opening times.
  2. Order free samples. It’s important to see your worktop choices in real life! We deliver free samples within a few days. There are also Caesarstone® showrooms in Manchester and Enfield, so if you live nearby, you can visit them to look at samples of large worktop slabs.
  3. Place your order.
  4. We’ll carry out a survey. Book a survey when your kitchen base cabinets are in place. We’ll come and measure up and create a template of your worktop. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for a worktop installation.
  5. We’ll make your worktop. This is carried out by the fabricators, at their workshop.
  6. Your worktop is installed. At SEH Interiors, we usually install worktops a week (or a maximum of two weeks) after the template has been made.

In summary

If quartz is your worktop material of choice, then you can’t go wrong with Caesarstone®. It’s a premium-quality quartz that outperforms cheaper unbranded quartz worktops in both looks and performance. And its 25-year manufacturer’s warranty gives peace of mind that it will last for years.

Its wide range of colours and textures covers all kitchen styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. And it gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to designing your perfect kitchen.

SEH Interiors have over 10 years’ experience supplying and fitting premium-quality kitchen worktops at affordable prices across the UK, including Caesarstone®.
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