What’s the best colour worktop for white kitchens?

White has been the most popular kitchen colour for years. And it’s not surprising.

It’s timeless, so your kitchen will never go out of date. It’s great for the resale value of your home because it suits most peoples’ tastes. It helps to make your kitchen look more spacious. And it provides a blank canvas to work with if you ever want to change your décor.

But one thing homeowners struggle with is not knowing what the best colour worktop for white kitchens is.

Well, we’re here to tell you, pretty much anything goes!

In this blog, we show you some stunning examples of white kitchens with various worktop colours and designs.

White kitchen with white worktops

Some homeowners shy away from having an all-white kitchen, worried it may look too clinical. But we think all-white kitchens have a stunning, clean and crisp look that’s very contemporary.

If you want to soften the look, you can add accent colours in things like your kettle and toaster, your furniture, or splashbacks. And if you’re worried about white worktops getting stained, choose a stain-resistant worktop material. Dekton® and Silestone® worktops are perfect for this. They’re non-porous, so spills can’t penetrate the surface.

White kitchen with worktop in Silestone® White Storm
This Silestone® worktop in White Storm looks fantastic in this white kitchen. The starkness of the white is softened by beige wall tiles, orange accessories and a wooden cabinet.

White kitchen with marble worktops

If you’re not sold on an all-white kitchen, how about a nearly-all-white kitchen?

You can achieve this look by having a marble, or marble effect worktop. Here we’re talking about traditional white marble with grey veining. Although other marble colours are available and would look great too.

The grey veining is just enough to break up the white of the cabinets and give an elegant, contemporary feel to any kitchen.

And if you’re worried about the cost and maintenance of real marble, choose a worktop that looks like marble instead.

This Dekton® worktop in Kairos has been designed to look like real marble. Its beautiful grey veining helps to break up the whiteness of this traditional kitchen.

White kitchen with wooden worktops

Wooden worktops are one of the best colour worktops for white kitchens because they add warmth and soften the overall look.

They’re ideal for country style kitchens but suit modern kitchens too.

Oak is probably the most popular wooden worktop. But you can also get walnut, iroko, beech, ash and birch.

But, if you’re worried about the upkeep of wood, or the fact that wood is prone to stains, scratches and scorching, then opt for a stone worktop in a wood effect instead.

Sintered stone worktop brand Neolith® has wood effect designs available. They’re stain, scratch and heat-resistant and don’t need any maintenance to keep them looking like new.

White kitchen with wooden effect worktop in Neolith® La Boheme
This sintered stone Neolith® worktop and splashback in La Boheme has been designed to look like real wood. Helping to warm up this white kitchen.

White kitchen with bold coloured worktops

When we said anything goes, we meant it! There are many worktops available nowadays that have very bold patterns and colours. Teaming them with a white kitchen is the perfect way to make them stand out.

Marble and granite worktops, in particular, have some stunning designs and colours. They’re both natural stones that are blasted out of quarries in large blocks then cut into worktops. So, the great thing about this is, each piece is unique.

You do have to be careful with a marble worktop though. They need a lot of care and maintenance to keep them looking good. So, if you’re a messy cook, a marble effect sintered stone, such as Dekton® is the better option.

White kitchen with a Dekton® worktop in Trillium
This Dekton® worktop in Trilium really steals the show in this white kitchen.

White kitchen with black worktops

If you’re worried that black against white will be too jarring, don’t be. Black worktops look fantastic in contemporary white kitchens. Instead of being harsh, the effect of the contrast is dramatic and bold.

And black doesn’t have to be pitch black. There are varying shades you can choose from, and the finish will make a difference too. A rich black in a gloss finish will have a significant impact. Whereas a more muted black in a matt finish will create a softer look.

White kitchen with black worktop in Dekton® Domoos
This Dekton® worktop in Domoos is a gentle shade of black with a matt finish. It beautifully contrasts with the white, making it one of the best colour worktops for white kitchens.

White kitchen with brown worktops

Brown worktops are another excellent example of how bold and contrasting colours work well in a white kitchen.

Rather than creating a harsh contrast, brown and white work harmoniously together, giving an overall calming effect.

And if you’re worried about a white kitchen feeling cold, brown is the colour to add to warm it up beautifully.

White kitchen with brown worktop in Silestone® Coral Clay
The earthy tones of this Silestone® worktop in Coral Clay adds warmth to this white kitchen, making it feel welcoming.

White kitchen with grey worktops

Grey is often thought of as a cold colour. But, in a white kitchen, it actually creates the opposite effect.

Any shade of grey will do the job. And you can opt for solid grey, or choose a granite or quartz surface, that has flecks or swirls of other shades of grey or white mixed in.

If you love the organic industrial look, concrete worktops are perfect. You can have worktops made from real concrete, but they scratch and stain easily, and are prone to cracking. So, we’d recommend installing an engineered stone worktop instead. Dekton® and Caesarstone® both have colours designed to look like concrete.

White kitchen with grey worktop in Caesarstone® Concrete
This Caesarstone® worktop in Fresh Concrete softens the white of the kitchen cabinets and gives the room an urban This Caesarstone® worktop in Concrete softens the white of the kitchen cabinets and gives the room an urban feel.

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