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Our Sintered Stone range has been carefully picked to ensure we can deliver the right product. Sintered Stone nowadays plays an important role in the industry, its important to understand its potential, the risks and consider those in a kitchen design. Combining all those with trying to minimise costs can be a challenge. Matte finish.

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Why choose SEH Sintered Stone Absolute White?

SEH Sintered Stone Absolute White is made from 100% natural stone minerals that are put through a manufacturing process that mimics the natural formation of granite deep within the ground. The result is a hard-wearing, beautifully aesthetic worktop that's a budget-friendly alternative to the more premium sintered stone brands.

SEH Sintered Stone Absolute White Benefits

* We recommend the use of a chopping board when cutting with sharp knives. While your worktop won’t stain permanently, promptly cleaning spills is essential, as some substances may require more aggressive cleaning if left for long periods.

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