Black Mirror XL

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Krion™ Black Mirror XL


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Royal + Series sheets represent the pure essence of natural minerals. This is our most innovative series thanks to its metallic and transparent particles, making it perfect for designing working surfaces, like kitchen countertops, and giving it a look similar to natural stone. All this comes in addition to the properties of Krion Solid Surface, where continuity and homogeneity take centre stage by eliminating joints ⁠— ideal for sanitary applications with trim and curved corners. Its wide variety of colours and different finishes bring a natural feel to the space.

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Why choose Krion™ Black Mirror XL?

Krion™ Black Mirror XL is a solid-surface worktop renowned for its durability, versatility, and seamless joins. It is created from a blend of minerals, acrylic, and natural pigments. With its reinforcing resin and sleek and stylish aesthetic, it's an excellent choice for the demands of a modern busy kitchen.

Krion™ Black Mirror XL Benefits

We recommend the use of a chopping board when cutting with sharp knives. * To prevent minor surface marks, and therefore the need for buffing, please clean spills up promptly.

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