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Terrazzo has a long tradition as a material aesthetic: the coarse-grained look has offered the perfect blend of longevity and elegance since antiquity. HIMACS has now adopted the trend with two colours, which both combine perfectly with their typically coarse-grained, ‘splattered’ look. The Terrazzo Collection is especially suitable for the hospitality and gastronomy sector, as well as for any other high-traffic public building.

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Why choose HI-MACS® Terrazzo Grigio?

HI-MACS® Terrazzo Grigio is a solid-surface, acrylic worktop made by a large manufacturer called LX Hausy. It's made from a mix of minerals, acrylic and natural pigments, mixed with a reinforcing resin to form a strong and resilient material that's perfect for any busy kitchen. Not only that, it’s also repairable and has seamless joins that create a beautifully sleek and stylish look.

HI-MACS® Terrazzo Grigio Benefits

We recommend the use of a chopping board when cutting with sharp knives. * To prevent minor surface marks, and therefore the need for buffing, please clean spills up promptly.


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