The ultimate guide to Dekton® countertops

The ultimate guide to Silestone® quartz worktops

If you’re looking for the best worktop to go with your new kitchen, Silestone® quartz is well worth considering.

This ultimate guide to Silestone® countertops tells you everything you need to know to help you make your decision.

What are Silestone® quartz worktops made of?

Silestone® is a quartz worktop. 93% of its content is natural quartz minerals, and the other 7% is a resin that fuses the minerals together.

This ratio of materials is the sweet spot that makes Silestone® quartz worktops incredibly hard and resilient. Unlike, other cheap quartz worktops, you can trust the premium-quality of Silestone®.

Who makes Silestone® kitchen worktops?

Silestone® is made by Cosentino. A Spanish, family-owned company who is one of the largest worktop manufacturers in the world. They make the worktops, then use a global network of suppliers and installers to get them into people’s homes.

As well as Silestone®, Cosentino also makes Dekton® (a sintered stone surface), Sensa (a granite surface) and Natural Stone worktops.

How durable are Silestone® quartz worktops?

Kitchen surfaces need to stand up to a lot of abuse over their lifetime. So, when you choose a worktop, it’s important to know how they perform against everyday wear and tear.

Silestone® worktops perform brilliantly. They are:

There are just a couple of things you need to be careful with:

What finishes and colours do Silestone® kitchen worktops come in?

Silestone® worktops come in over 80 colours and three beautiful finishes. And the range is wide. Choose from solid colours to colours and designs that mimic the look of marble and granite. There’s bound to be a colour and design to suit your kitchen.

Here’s a run-down of the range.

Silestone® finishes

Silestone® has 3 finishes: polished, suede and volcano. It’s best to pick your colour and design first, then choose the finish, because not all colours come in all finishes.

Silestone® quartz worktops polished finish

Polished finish

Polished surfaces are rich in colour, have a shiny appearance and are super-smooth to touch.

Silestone® countertops suede finish

Suede finish

Suede surfaces have a soft and velvety texture

Silestone® quartz worktops volcano finish

Volcano finish

Volcano surfaces have a slightly rugged, bumpy surface.

Silestone® colours

Silestone’s® colour range is split into over 20 collections with five different looks. And there is also the new Silestone® Loft range. It has a distinct look of its own, and it’s produced using a new technology called HybriQ+.

Here’s a rundown of the range:

Silestone® Loft with HybriQ+ technology: This collection is inspired by a style dating back to the mid-20th century when abandoned factories and warehouses in the US were turned into ‘loft-apartments’.

Concrete, cement, beams and pipes were deliberately left visible, giving the apartments an industrial look. And that’s the look that this collection gives you.

The Silestone® Loft range is manufactured using an innovative and exclusive technology called HybridQ+. This new process reduces its impact on the environment by reusing raw materials, such as recycled glass, using 99% recycled water and 100% renewable energy.

Natural marbled: The worktops that fall into this category, as you can probably guess, are designed to mimic natural marble.

The colours range from white and creamy yellows to greys, blacks and browns. Some of the colours have very large and distinct veining, while others have more subtle veining.

Kitchen with Silestone® quartz worktops in Et Calacatta Gold

This Silestone® worktop is called Et Calacatta Gold. It has been designed to mimic the popular Calacatta marble from Italy. It has a bright white background with soft grey veining.

Solid: The colours in this range are one single colour throughout, with no patterns or veining. There are three shades of white, a black and two shades of brown.

Kitchen with Silestone® quartz worktops in Unsui

This Silestone® worktop is called Unsui. Its creamy brown surface gives a harmonious feel to this white kitchen.

Natural Granite: The worktops in this category have been designed to look like natural granite. They come in a range of earthy tones. Some have a very fine granular appearance, while the granulate on others is very bold.

Kitchen with Silestone® quartz in Bamboo

This Silestone® worktop is called Bamboo. Its earthy, dark cream tone and refined granular appearance work perfectly in this country style kitchen.

Metallic: There are just two colours in the metallic category. White and black. And, as the name suggests, they have a beautiful metallic appearance.

Kitchen with Silestone® quartz in Stellar Negro

This Silestone® countertop is called Stellar Negro. It has a rich black colour and small white specks.

What design choices does Silestone® quartz give you?

When it comes to design, Silestone® doesn’t limit you at all. It gives you total flexibility to create a bespoke kitchen to suit your tastes and your needs. Here’s how:

Silestone® worktops can be installed on any brand of kitchen cabinets

It doesn’t matter where you get your kitchen cabinets from. Silestone® is reasonably lightweight, so any kitchen cabinet brand is strong enough to hold it. This means you’ve got the flexibility to choose whichever kitchen supplier you want.

Silestone® quartz worktops come in three thicknesses

The most popular thickness for Silestone® worktops is 20mm. But it also comes in 30mm and 12mm. However, 12mm isn’t a popular choice, and we don’t recommend using it for worktops.

Kitchen with Silestone® kitchen worktops in Cemento Spa

The kitchen has a 20mm Silestone® kitchen worktop in Cemento Spa. The contrast of the black worktop against a white kitchen is stunning.

Silestone® kitchen worktops can be curved

Kitchen units don’t have to have straight edges these days. And neither do your worktops. Silestone® is one of the worktop brands that gives you full flexibility to add curves and shapes to match your kitchen cabinets.

Silestone® worktop in Eternal Statuario

This Silestone® worktop in Eternal Statuario has been tailor-made to match the cabinet’s curve in this kitchen, giving an overall softer look.

Silestone® has a range of under-mount sinks to match or complement your worktop

If you love the seamless look, then an under-mount sink is a must. Any under-mount sink will be compatible, but Silestone® also has its very own range, called Integrity Sinks. The sinks aren’t available in every worktop colour, so if there isn’t one that matches exactly, you could try a colour that complements your worktop instead.

To work alongside the sink, have a recessed drainer or drainer grooves cut into the worktop. It cuts out the need to install a separate draining board and looks fantastic too.

Kitchen with Silestone® worktops and Integrity sink

This Silestone® quartz worktop has a matching Integrity sink. It blends perfectly with the worktop, giving the kitchen a minimalist look.

Silestone® allows you to have a flush-mounted hob

Flush-mounted hobs have become popular due to their designer looks. They’re sunk into your worktop, making the hob edges and worktop flush. Silestone® is the perfect worktop for this.

Kitchen with Dekton® worktops in Miami Vena

This Silestone® worktop in Miami Vena incorporates a flush-mounted hob to give the kitchen a designer look.

Silestone® allows you to have pop-up sockets

If you’re working at a kitchen island, plugging in an appliance is tricky and dangerous, because you’ll need to trail the cable across to a wall socket. Pop-up sockets solve this problem. Silestone’s® sintered stone is a material that allows pop-up sockets to be installed.

Kitchen worktop with pop-up sockets

Pop-up sockets are stored below the worktop surface. They pop-up when you need them and are concealed when you don’t. Ideal for kitchen islands.

Silestone® has matching upstands and splashbacks available

Upstands and splashbacks are great for protecting your walls from the inevitable food and water splashes a kitchen endures. Installing ones that match your worktop is ideal.

Silestone® upstands are only 100mm tall, so you’ll need to team them with tiles if you want the whole wall protected.

Alternatively, splashbacks cover the full height of your wall, between the worktop and cabinets.

The thickness of your splashback should always match the thickness of your worktop. This is because worktops are produced in colour batches, and the two available thicknesses are made in different batches. Your worktop and splashback need to come from the same batch to ensure a perfect colour match.

Kitchen with Silestone® quartz worktops in Et Noir

This kitchen has a Silestone® worktop in Et Noir with a matching splashback behind the sink to protect the wall from splashes.

Silestone® quartz comes in a large slab size, meaning fewer joins

Silestone’s® large format slabs are much bigger than the average-sized worktop. The benefit is that you’ll need fewer joins than most other worktop materials. It also makes it the perfect choice if you want a large kitchen island with no joins at all.

But, even if you do need a join in your worktop, some clever techniques can be used, so they’re barely visible.

Joins are sealed with colour matched glue. So, on a solid coloured worktop, the join will blend seamlessly. But on a veined worktop, veins won’t continue across two slabs, so joins will be more noticeable.

Are Silestone® quartz worktops expensive?

Silestone® is a premium-quality worktop material that’s made to measure. So, while it isn’t the most expensive, it isn’t cheap either. But it does offer exceptional value for money because of its high-performance and long life.

And, if you shop around for other quartz worktops, as a cheaper alternative to Silestone®, please remember that not all quartz is equal. There are many unbranded quartz worktops on the market that don’t come anywhere close to the quality and durability of Silestone® quartz.

What’s the installation process for Dekton® countertops?

Dekton® countertops are a bespoke buy, which means they’re made to order to fit your kitchen perfectly. Once you’ve decided on a Dekton® countertop, the process is simple:

  1. Get a quote. We’re sure the first thing you’ll want to check is that your choice fits within your budget. At SEH Interiors you can get an online quote in one hour.
  2. Order some samples. Buying a worktop is a significant investment, so you must see your chosen colour in the flesh, in the light of your own kitchen. At SEH Interiors you can order free worktop samples and get them delivered to your home within a few days.
  3. Visit a Cosentino showroom to look at a large slab. There are eight Cosentino showrooms around the country with large slabs of every worktop colour on display.
  4. Place your order.
  5. Expert installers measure your kitchen and make a template of your worktop. This stage can only be done once your new kitchen base cabinets have been fitted into their final place. The length of time this takes will depend on your supplier. At SEH Interiors, we can visit you within a week of placing your order if needs be.
  6. Your worktop is made. This takes place at the fabricator’s workshop.
  7. Your worktop is fitted. The length of time between the template being made and your worktop being installed will depend on the supplier. At SEH Interiors, we know that you’ll be keen to get your kitchen finished, so we aim to install worktops a week (with a maximum of two weeks) after the template has been made.

In summary

Silestone® is a premium-quality, high-performing worktop that will look fantastic in your kitchen for years. It’s wide range of colours and styles, plus the flexibility it gives you over your kitchen design, makes it an excellent choice that you won’t regret.

SEH Interiors have over 20 years’ experience supplying and fitting premium-quality kitchen worktops at affordable prices across the UK, including Silestone®. Browse our Silestone® quartz worktop range.

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