Caesarstone® care and maintenance

Caesarstone® quartz is a scratch and stain-resistant worktop material that’s easy to maintain and clean. A few things should be avoided to keep your worktop in excellent condition, but generally, caring for and maintaining Caesarstone® is effortless.

Follow the instructions below to care for your worktop.

How to clean Caesarstone® quartz worktops

General cleaning
To clean Caesarstone® quartz, we recommend using warm soapy water or Cif Actifizz cleaner with a green and yellow washing-up sponge.

Removing aggressive stains
Thanks to Caesarstone’s® non-porous surface, nothing will permanently stain your worktop. However, some substances are resistant to regular cleaners, and some, when left on the surface for a long time, may take more effort to remove. So, we recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner along with a non-scratch Scotch-BriteTM pad for stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue.

To remove stuck-on materials, gently scrape away the excess with a plastic putty knife or non-scratch pad, then wipe it with warm water. Nail varnish or chewing gum stains can be removed with denatured alcohol, rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

Do not use the following chemicals:

  • Solvents
  • Highly abrasive cleaning agents such as oven/grill cleaners
  • Dishwasher polishing agents with a high alkaline/pH level higher than 11
  • Products containing oils or powders that may leave a residue
  • Products that contain Trichloroethane or Methylene Chloride, such as paint strippers

If any of these chemicals come into contact with your worktop, rinse away immediately with water

Don’t use specialist worktop cleaning products

Many specialist worktop cleaners claim to enhance shine and protect your work surface. However, when it comes to stone worktops, we recommend you don’t use these. This is because they can lead to a build-up of chemicals on the surface that can damage your worktop over time

Caesarstone® quartz care and maintenance

Protect the surface from hot temperatures
Caesarstone® should be protected from temperatures above 150 degrees or sudden, extreme temperature changes. Therefore, we recommend you always shield the worktop from hot saucepans, baking trays, deep fat fryers etc., using a hot pad or trivet.

Avoid scratches
Although Caesarstone® quartz is scratch-resistant, it’s not scratch-proof. So, while it will withstand everyday scratches and scrapes, we recommend using a chopping board when cutting with sharp knives.